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Youth Volleyball a success for Parks & Rec

Youth Volleyball a success for Parks & Rec

By Shannon Myers

Friday, the last matches of the CoRec youth volleyball season were played at the Harker Heights Recreation center. The beginner bracket, ages eight to 10 played first, followed by the intermediate bracket, ages 11 to 14.
In the first round of games, the Eliminators squared off against the team Patriots. The first two matches demonstrated how evenly matched in skills the two teams were with the Eliminators winning 25 to 22 in the first round.
In the second round, the Patriots narrowly took the win by one point. The last round of the match determined the winner, the Eliminators of 25 to 8.
“It was intense. The teams were neck and neck and they were just as good as each other and both have grown so much. I’m excited to see people who could not hit the ball, hit the ball and serves that were never made were all made tonight… I’m proud that they never gave up, that was my biggest reward,” said Nora Whitson, team Eliminator coach.
While the Eliminators and Patriots played, on the other court, team Aces and Crush faced off.
“It got hard at times, but the rest was good. My overhand serves have gotten a lot better. I’m really excited. I went here last year and it was really fun,” said Megan Starnes, volleyball player number 12 for team Aces.
From the last match of the season, Starnes learned the mental aspect of sports is just as important as the physical aspect of the game.
“Having a better attitude. Tonight, I learned just because you don’t hit it or you make a mistake doesn’t mean you should have a bad attitude towards it. You should make it as a learning mistake,” said Starnes.
The last two matches were Aces v. Eliminators, with Aces being the victor and Crush v. Patriots, with the Patriots winning.
“It went pretty good. Our girls have come a long way from the beginning of the season. Pretty much nobody had a serve over. So, I’m very happy. Even though we didn’t win, I’m really happy with my girls’ improvement… for a beginner team, most (of) these girls have never played before,” said Jaime Fox, coach for team Crush.
Wednesday, the playoffs will commence. Round one will be between Crush and Patriots. Round two is the Aces and Eliminators and team Impact playing round one winner. Round three will determine the champions of the season.
After the beginner bracket, the intermediate teams, Dream and Firecracker took to the court. The scores were close and each team demonstrated improved technique with volleying and overhand serves. Team Dream was the victor and is able to keep their undefeated status going into the tournament Saturday. Dream will play the winner from playoff game one on Saturday morning.
“We come to play. We hustle. We are one, a team,” said Alana Sheppard, number 14 on Dream team.
Monday, two make up games were played due to the series of power outages at the end of June. Teams Storm and Quest were the first opponents to take to the court. Team Storm won the first game, but Quest came back strong with powerful serves, winning the last two games.
The last game of Monday night was team Electric v. Liberty. The first round of serves, both teams struggled to return the ball back, but eventually both teams gained confidence and had several intense volley rallies.
“I thought the girls played well…The girls have come a long way serving the ball and just communicating. They’ve done a better job coming together as a team and playing together,” said coach, Mike Mansell
Liberty won the first two games, but Electric came back to win the final game. Electric team will play team Firecracker in the first game of the playoffs Saturday and team Liberty against Quest.
Wednesday, the playoffs for the beginner championship commenced. The first match, the team Patriots forfeited allowing team Crush to advance to the second match playing against team Impact.
Crush started strong, but Impact quickly turned it around, winning the first game. The second game, Impact had a 14 point lead before Crush made it onto the scoring board. Impact won, 25 to 4 advancing to the final match.
While Crush and Impact battled it out, team Aces and Eliminators faced off. Eliminators and Aces have been evenly matched all season. The first game was close; after many intense volley rallies, the Eliminators came out with the win 25 to 22. The second game, with the help of some powerful overhand servers, Eliminators maintained their lead, winning 25 to 13.
The first game of the final match between Impact and Eliminators ended with a close score of 25 to 21, Eliminators taking the win. The second game, Eliminators started out strong with a 10 point lead. Impact was able to close the point gap, but the Eliminators maintained their lead, winning the championship game 25 to 12.
“I feel great. I just played my best and I hoped everyone did too,” said number 7 player, Dayramis Rivera, 11, MVP of the Eliminators.
The final standings of the beginner division season is Impact at number one, followed by Aces in second place, and Eliminators with third place.


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