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Solar Centex host information day for curious customers

Solar Centex host information day for curious customers

By Annie Dockery
Evening Star


Despite being a cloudy day, Solar Centex opened their doors, on Saturday, to the public for their quarterly, Solar Saturday. The company takes the opportunity to inform the public and answer any questions about solar power.
Scot Arey, owner of Solar Centex said, “We like to open the door to our customers and those who are curious about solar, they can come in and ask questions and see some of the technology. Today what I really want to show was our battery systems.”
Arey also discussed the new Encore incentives that were released.
“Anybody thinking about solar don’t wait, because the program was cut about 75 percent this year for incentives. So if you’re interested in solar, let us come talk to you and show you how to make it work,” Arey said.
95 percent of what they install are a grid tied solar system.
Many homes, including Armey’s own, are run off of a grid tied system.
“So there is no battery involved in my own home, which is a grid type system where you make energy then energy is used in the home,” Arey said. “If it’s not used in the home then my meter spins backwards and we get a credit for that energy from the electric company.”
Solar Centex currently has several clients that living completely off the grid, using only solar power and batteries.
Sabrina Arnold, Director of Sales at Solar Centex said, “It’s actually growing up bigger and bigger every day.”
“I think that is the secret aspiration of so many people to have that battery backup,” Arey said.
The price of solar systems has dropped in recent years.
“Scott and I were talking about how the year 2017 is going to be a really big year for people, now it’s become a lot less expensive,” Arnold said.
Many people have been concerned that the 30 percent tax credit will go away since the presidential election in 2016.
“They didn’t think Donald Trump was going to be solar friendly. So what we’ve done is, from a company standpoint, we assured people and guarantee you that tax credit will be in place, no doubt,” Arey said. “So you put a solar system in, I guarantee and I’ll do it writing that you will have 30 percent tax credit for your system. I don’t think the credit is going anywhere. And the reason I don’t is because there’s a lot of people employed in the Texas solar industry. There are 7000 people in Texas that have jobs related to solar.”
Steven Eikenberg, a Solar Centex client, stopped by Solar Saturday to see the battery system on display.

Scot Arey and Steven Eikenberg discuss battery back ups at Solar Centex’s Solar Saturday.

Scot Arey and Steven Eikenberg discuss battery back ups at Solar Centex’s Solar Saturday.

“I really like it because I feel like I am doing something environmentally conscious, I am almost energy self sufficient when it comes to electricity, the e-gauge gives me a chance to monitor my electricity and see where my family or I may be wasting electricity and it’s just nice to know that my electric bill is lower when I do my budget,” Eikenberg said.

Eikenberg has a 3,500 square foot home with a pool.
“I usually, on average pay $50 per month. Usually it is at zero for a bill,” he said. “I’m really pleased with that.”
Eikenberg said that one of the selling points for him was that he felt like it was a good investment, long term.
The way I look at it, it pays for itself in about seven and a half years, roughly, and the panels are guaranteed for 25. So I figured it was a better investment than the stock market,” Eikenberg said.
Solar Centex offers free site surveys for those interested in a solar system.
“We can do a part of the assessment via Google maps with some of the software we’re used to measure roof spaces but it’s always important to meet the customer to understand how much electric consumption he has,” Arey said. “Usually we can design a system and have proposal back in just a few days. So somebody make an informed decision.”
Solar Centex is a veteran-owned business.
For more information about Solar Centex, visit or call 254-300.1228.


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