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Why is that candle pink?

Why is that candle pink?

by Ryan Kiblinger, Pastor

Have you ever thought about the fact that the third candle of the five candles in the Advent Wreath (including the Christ candle) is pink?
On the third Sunday in Advent we celebrate ‘joy’ and light the candle of ‘joy’. But why is the candle pink? I was recently asked that question, and confess I had no good answer. I found a website that spoke of some reasons, and sent that to my question asker. She informed me if she wanted to read she would have googled it herself, she wanted me to just tell her. So here is my take on why the candle of joy is pink based on what I have studied (since I got called out), and from what I think is good practice.
The Advent season is generally thought of as a time to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Not just the baby Jesus either, but for Jesus coming a second time as King. The early church patterned Advent after the already existing season of Lent, which is primarily a season of repentance leading up to Easter.
In the middle of Advent, the purple candle becomes pink. It ‘pales’ in other words. It goes from being dark and bright, to a bit washed out in colour. That is to remind us that we sometimes get weary of waiting. Well, maybe you don’t, but I do. Thing take too long for me sometimes, in the check out line at the store, at the drive through line, at just so much. (Even now, I am sure, my kids want to open presents.) But, it is not TIME! We have to wait. And so we wait for God’s timing. We think God should have sent Jesus earlier, and now that Jesus has come once, we simply don’t want to wait for Him to come again. Never mind that literally thousands of people are hearing about Jesus and being saved every day, we want Jesus to come fix our personal problems. We need Jesus to come to save us from the mess we are in, so we don’t think first and foremost about others.
So the pink candle of joy is there to give us Holy pause. To rest in the weariness of waiting, but also to remind us that the coming is sure. That God’s timing is always right, and that God is never late.
But comes to even us, in the ‘fullness’ of time.


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