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What You Need To Understand

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Sue Ellen Jackson

Parents Corner

Dear Sue Ellen,

What you need to understand is all kids don’t grow into responsible adults.  I have three kids that are grown and I am always having to tell them what to do.  I don’t know what they would do without me.  Tell your readers this.


Dear Mom-Knows-Best:

You didn’t mention how old your adult kids are, but I pray they aren’t in their 30’s or older.  If they are over 21, then what you need to understand is “SHUT UP”!

You had your chance to instill confidence and good sense in your children when they were younger.  Once they become adults, they make their own decisions.  Encourage them, offer advice, listen to them but DO NOT decide for them.  Why?

I have spent my whole career watching parents make bad mistakes because they would not shut-up and listen to advice about better ways of raising children. If people are willing to invest in raising a child, they should at least be willing to learn better ways to be a good parent.

Here are some things I hate:

Poor parenting and the aftermath of destruction it heaps on children and on society.

Grown men that can’t wipe their noses without calling their mommy

Disrespectful parents raising disrespectful kids

Women that are lost or victimized because their parents never bothered to empower them to have confidence in their ability to make good life choices


People that don’t listen, oh yeah, I already mentioned that.. stupidity!

Please don’t write to me again.  You exhaust me.

Please email your parenting comments to and put “Parent’s Corner” in the Subject line.


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