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As someone who is ordained clergy in a denomination, I have had to articulate my call to ministry.  I had to do that with my pastor when I felt called, and with mentors and boards and committees along the way. It was not wrong for those people, and leadership in my denomination to want to hear about how I felt called.  But, to be honest there is at least part of my experience which isn’t in line with reality as God sees it.

Being called to ministry is not a second calling that some Christians receive.  Insert harsh language here about how strongly I feel about this lie.  Lie is the right word, by the way.  Every person who has faith in Jesus Christ is called to ministry.  Doctors who are Christians are called to heal the sick for the sake of Christ.  They are to love each patient as one who is an image bearer of God irrespective to that person’s religious beliefs.  The one who cleans the rooms in the hospital who follows Jesus is no less called to do so out of the same high calling to do what they do in service and in honouring those who bear the image of God.  Homebuilders?  Lawyers?  Teachers?  Accountants? Chefs?  Stay at home moms?  Retirees?  Your vocations might all be different, but your call to ministry is the same.  Each of us are gifted by God, uniquely, to bear His image and to give witness to the glory of God all while we serve the world around us.

So I might, like a small set of others, been called to teach and preach, and to administer the sacraments.  That is a calling of God, but it is not _the_ calling of God.  There is no hierarchy within the body of Christ.  We are all equals, while carrying out different types of ministry.  As a follower of Christ be unleashed into the world!  As one who has received good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, know that you are blessed to be a blessing to others!  Go, into the world you minister of the Gospel!  Go, empowered by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! Go and minister as you have already been called.


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