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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Union Grove Middle School basketball results

Union Grove Boys Basketball

UGMS vs Liberty Hill


The grizzlies and the lions played hard last night. The grizzlies came out on playing determined. The game was a close one for the most part with the wall of claws and teeth prevailing in the end. Charles Williams led the grizzly team with great leadership. Williams scored 6 points and had 7 rebounds. Jaleel Weaver came in and scored 5 points on second chance shots. Marcus Mcmillan was everywhere on defense stealing the ball multiple times and scoring 4 points. Garrett Isley held his own in the middle of the defense blocking shots and creating turnovers he scored 3 points. Tahid Lloyd scored 3 points off turnovers and did a great job defensively. Amaree Head and Issac Hernandez scored 2 points. Nicholas Tinsley rounded out the scoring with 1 point. Overall it was a great night for the grizzlies.




The game for the grizzlies started out fast. The grizzlies and lions both exchanged shot for the first quarter. Neither team gaining and advantage. The wall of claws and teeth came out afterwards and started to push the tempo and lions. Defensively it was a team effort that kept the lions off balanced all game. Evan Chatman led the grizzly scoring attack with 13 points and stealing the ball on defense. Tyrese Smith scored 12 points. Aimeer Washington scored 8 points and rebounded just as many. Shaver Walker helped create turnovers and scored 4 points. Jayden Chatman rounded out the grizzly scoring with 2 points. Overall the night did not end how the grizzlies wanted but the future looks great.



UGMS vs Palo Alto MS


The Grizzlies came out of hibernation this mid-winter evening as they brought their roar to Palo Alto Middle School winning 51-34.  Despite a slow start offensively, their swarming defense stifled the hosting team from the start creating numerous layup opportunities.  The Grizzlies were led defensively by Antwan Taylor, Rafael Pintado, and Roderick Pollard who worked collectively to create turnover after turnover from start to finish.  Offensively, the Grizzlies were led by Antwan Taylor, Damian Mora, Nicholas Castillo, and Christian Rivera who fed off of the defensive momentum, scoring easy buckets off turnovers.


Last night the grizzlies of Union Grove took on the patriots of Palo Alto MS. The grizzlies came out firing on all cylinders. The attacking defense of the wall of claws and teeth kept the PAMS offense off balanced. The grizzlies played as a unit disrupting everything Palo Alto was doing on the court defensively to slow the grizzly attack. In the end the full court pressure was to much and the game shifted into the grizzlies favor. Evan Chatman led the grizzly attack with 16 points. Shavar Walker scored 12 points. Aimeer Washington scored 7 points. Tyrese Smith scored 5 points. Jayden Chatman rounded out the grizzly scoring with 4 points.




Union Grove Girls Basketball

The lady grizzlies competed in their first tournament of the season. They started their day off playing against Travis Middle School. They played a great man to man defense holding the Travis girls to 11 points. Scorers included Nykaela Burks with 10 points. Alicia Mora with 6 points. Asia Thomas with 4 points and Keonna Otis with 2 points.

During the second game of the tournament the ladies came out strong against Cameron Middle School. But when the second half started the ldies started getting to relaxed and let them out sore them 2-9 in the 3 quarter. However the lady grizzlies were able to pull off a win. Scorers included Keonna Otis 9 points, Asia Thomas 6 points, Kaley Lelauti 4 points, Alicia Mora 3 points, Nykaela Burks and Tyzhaee Jammar with 2 points.

After a long day with two wins in the tournament the lady grizzlies met up with the Charles Patterson Lady Cavs for the championship title. Each team played outstanding defense and hustled for the ball up and down the court. However, for the lady grizzlies fatigue started to set in and the Lady caves were able to use it to their advantage. Lady grizzles fell to the Lady Cavs but either way it was a great finish. Scorers included Asia Thomas 7 points, Keonna Otis 3 points, Nykaela Burks and, Kaley Lelauti both with 2 points. Outstanding hustle for the entire tournament goes to both Saniyah Johnson  and Alicia Mora.

UGMS vs Manor Lady Rams

The UG 8th Grade Ladies woke early Saturday morning to travel to Temple and Play in a tournament. After 3 games, the ladies managed to in 2nd place. The ladies started off with fresh legs and controlled the court with accurate precision in shooting and uncompromising defense which resulted in a double victory for the day. Results of the third game proved to be a more difficult challenge due to exhaustion, but the girls played hard ad never gave up. Point tally for all three games is as follows: Samayah Walker -40, Mary Allen -35, Jocelyn Deaton-8, Temiya Johnson-6, Kanaiyah Blackmon – 4, and Clarissa Gutierrez-2. The ladies will play Manor on Monday at Manor…Go Lady Grizzlies!! ,

UGMS vs Manor Lady B-team

The Lady Grizzlies B-team played an awesome 2nd season game last night against the Manor Lady Rams. Emily Wolf started the game off with the tip off and also got the first two points of the games. The grizzlies were playing non stop defense and only allowing Manor to gain 12 points. After a small ankle roll Emilee Robinson was off to the races scoring 13 points. Other scorers included Emilee Wolf 7 points, Caitlyn Jones 4 points, Denia Jennings, and Sakoya Lopez with 3 points, To round off the scoring  Kailyn Shields, Neveah Halbach, Mia Smith, Aryam Qurioz, and Jayla Townsand each with 2 points Great job ladies. Final score 38-12

UGMS vs Manor Lady


The Lady grizzlies A-Team also played a great defensive game last night against Manor Lady Rams. The girls never stopped their hustle. Even though there were plenty of missed open lay ups the ladies were able to get their own rebounds and score off of the second shots. Scorers included Keonna Otis 11 points, NyKaela Burks 6 points, Alicia Mora 5 points, and to round it off Saniyah Johnson, Kaley Lelauti, Ty Jammar, Asia Thomas each with 4 points. Great Job Ladies. Final score 38-12

UGMS vs Manor Lady


8th Grade Lady Grizzlies A team played Manor and claimed another victory. The ladies passed the ball with precision and dominated the inside court. The girls made adjustments that shut down Manor’s most aggressive precision shooter. Several ladies stepped up to the plate and took ownership. Defensive standouts included Evi Miller-Romero, Mary Allen, Olivia Sullens, Serenity Hoffman, and Kamaiya Blackmon. Scorers for the game included Olivia Sullens -12, Mary Allen – 10, Samiyah Walker – 9, Jocelyn Deaton -7, Alicia Roman -2, Evi Miller-Romero – 2, and Clarissa Gutierrez -1.

UGMS vs Manor Lady A-team

8th Grade Lady Grizzlies B team played Manor and landed their first victory. The ladies controlled the floor all night. Defensive standouts included Kent Moore, and Celeste Fuentes. The ladies passed the ball with excellent precision allowing multiple players to contribute in scoring. Celeste led the ladies with 22 points. Paris Moore added 4, Arianna Wickliff, Shakira Shackleford, and Kent Moore each added 2 points. The ladies will break for the holidays and resume play on Jan 3 against EHMS. Go Grizzlies.


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