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Union Grove Boys Football wrap-up



The grizzlies took on the cavaliers of Charles Patterson MS last night. The grizzlies started out slow but was in the fight the whole game. Joe Lane led the grizzly rushing attack with 106 yards of rushing.  Jett Millsap rushed for 2 yards and  threw for 65 yds plus two touchdowns. Kevin Ro scored a touchdown on a 10 yd throw from Jett to put the grizzlies on the board. Amaree head scored on a 55 pass from Jett.

The defense put up a good fight against CPMS. The offense was a little much for the grizzlies to handle but they grizzlies were in the fight the whole time. Charles Williams led the grizzly attack with 3 tackles and a sack.Corey Evans had 3 tackles for a loss. Cody Sisson had 2 tackles.Rigoverto Medina had 1 tackle and a sack. Marcos Riter, Christian Taylor, Jaleel Weaver, Nicholas Williams each had a tackle to round out the grizzly defense.





The grizzlies took on Charles Patterson MS last night. The offense came out firing on all cylinders. Mistakes that happened early in the game hampered the grizzly attack but in the end the grizzly offense got back on track and made a run at the end. Dayne Holden threw for 58 yds. Re’Shaun Sanford had 14 receiving  yards and a 45 yd kick off return. Evan Chatman had 15 rec yards. Marcus Mcmillan had 15 yards of rec yards. Aimeer Washington had 32 yards of rushing and 2 touchdowns. Washington also caught a 10 yd pass from Holden. Deaubry Hood rushed for 25 yards.

The wall of claws and teeth came out fighting. The grizzlies held their own against a much stronger opponent. Overall the grizzlies did well gang tackling all night and making it had for the cavaliers of CPMS to make it down the field. Thomas Connolly, Aimeer Washington, Re’Shaun Sanford each had 3 tackles apiece. Ashton Wilson, Garrett Isley, Jaydon Chatman each had 2 tackles apiece. Evan Chatman, Brandon Irving, Ryan Shine, Gaige Shoop each had 1 tackle. Shaver Walker had 1 tackle and 2 forced fumbles and on recovered fumble for a TD. Washington also had a fumble recovery setting up a grizzly touchdown. Overall the grizzly played their heart out representing the red and gold of Union Grove admirably.




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