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Under the hood: Kwik Kar hosts car care clinic on auto maintenance

Under the hood: Kwik Kar hosts car care clinic on auto maintenance

by Annie Dockery, HHES

With a little bit of humor and a lot of good information, Veteran-owned Kwik Kar of Harker Heights hosted their car class, last Thursday, April 26.

Robert Kitchenmaster, co-owner of Kwik Kar of Harker Heights said, “We like to do this because we like to educate our motoring public on the proper care of their vehicle. Also, to teach them the skills that they need in case they break down, on the side of the road.”

The class included how to pull off the road safely, where to go safely, how to change a flat tire in a safe environment and how to check basic fluids under the hood.

Inga Jenkins and her daughters, Maria and Anna Joseph attended the class.

“Mainly, I wanted to bring my daughters. I thought we could learn something, especially about changing tires,” Jenkins said. “I have had experience, but it has been a long time since I have changed a tire. I have done a little bit with things like checking the oil, but the cars are changing and I thought we could get some good information.”

“I thought it would be good because we sometimes go to Dallas by ourselves so we would know how to do it (change a tire), if we are on the road by ourselves,” Maria said.

Kitchenmaster pointed out that some breakdowns can be prevented.

“Every time I see a breakdown on the side of the highway, I wonder what it was. Was it something simple enough that we could have caught it in a preventive maintenance,” said Kitchenmaster.

He continued with a scenario describing getting stranded somewhere that the driver would have to wait for someone to help them or if there wasn’t cell phone service.

“Yes, you can call the auto club, yes you can call your dad, your friend or somebody maybe, but what happens when there is no cell phone coverage?” Kitchenmaster continued “Now you are going to have to wait on a stranger. Will they help you or won’t they help you? Who knows?”

“But if you know how to change the tire, you can get it done in about 30 minutes, if you are not proficient at it at,” said Kitchenmaster. “That’s okay though, because you will get it done and you get on your way.”

He continues “You’re gonna get a flat tire, not on a nice day like today, but when it’s raining and yucky. It’s going to make your task all that much harder but if you know what to do, it will be a lot easier to do it.”

A point that was reiterated throughout the class was to be sure that participants read their auto manual.
“The first thing I like to teach people is to read the owner’s manual,” Kitchenmaster said.

“I encourage people to do it because it tells you how everything about how your car works. It tells you what all the symbols are on the dashboard.”

He said that the owner’s annual also “tells you when your maintenance is due on your car. By knowing what is in your owner manual and how to take care of your car, you can save yourself money.”

Before teaching tire changing skills, Kitchenmaster showed the group different components of the engine including air filters, how to check the water and showed what brake pads looked like when they were worn down.

Not all cars have the jack and spare tire in the same place, and he showed where both were stored on his own truck, which he used to demonstrate how to change a tire.

“We do all this before we jack the car up because obviously we don’t want to be under the car when it is on jack,” Kitchenmaster said.

Participants were able to help take lug nuts off of the wheel during the exhibit.

Participant, Lois Woods said, “I am very glad that I came. It’s very informative and it’s fun. It taught me a whole lot of what I wasn’t doing and what I need to do.”

Woods said that she would definitely recommend the class.

“I wanted to learn about changing the tire, but I also learned about the oil change and where the different filters are,” Woods said.

Cassidy W., Caitlyn S., Makayla B. and Hayley B. of Girl Scout Troop 6246 received their Car Care Badges for Senior Girl Scout level after completing the class.

Classes are held normally on the last Thursday of the month during the summer.

When available, Enterprise Car rental supplies a vehicle for the demonstration and after class goodies were from Ma’s Place.

Kwik Kar of Harker Heights can be found on Facebook, visit them at 408 E FM 2410 Rd in Harker Heights or call 254-953-7807.


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