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Unarmed awareness

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Jimmy Hammond Table Creek Tips

Jimmy Hammond
Table Creek Tips

I received a question about awareness tactics for a person who does not yet carry a firearm to help mitigate possible risk factors.

That is a broad and encompassing question but has some very simple answers. Situational awareness is defined as being aware of your surroundings, both physical and mental. Here are some things you can do to bring up your situational awareness while away from home:

n Your vehicle is a tool of safety. When in your vehicle, ensure that your car doors are locked before you park. After you park, don’t immediately turn the car off. First, take the time to look around to see if there is anybody suspiciously hanging around the parking lot and watching you. If so, pull out and park in another location while getting a good mental physical description of the individual. This is a good idea anywhere, to include ATMs, gas stations, stores, etc.

n Don’t be predictable. Change up the days that you run your errands and how you do them. The goal is to make yourself a hard target for those people that could intend you harm. Change the day you go shopping, the side of the store you enter on, and even the day you go out to get gas.

n Anything is a weapon. Remember, anything you can carry can be used as a weapon to protect yourself. I tell people to carry a pen or a vehicle key in their hands when walking somewhere because you can use those to protect yourself. Even the coffee cup with the coffee inside it can be used in self-defense.

n Park in lighted areas. However, you should also remember to pay attention to the time of day. If your activity is going to carry you over from daylight to nighttime hours, don’t park out in the middle of nowhere even if there are light poles. They may or may not work and there could be places of concealment for people to hide.

n Put the cell phone down. The cell phone is the greatest cause of lack of situational awareness. Walking while talking or texting on the phone can easily distract people. Putting the phone down is a great way to increase your situational awareness. It allows you to take the time to observe your surroundings before entering an establishment to see what is going on.

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