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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Training For Warriors 8 Week Challenge

Training For Warriors 8 Week Challenge

By Shannon Myres
Evening Star

Community members are getting ready to “Bring out the warrior within” by participating in Training for Warriors (TFW) Harker Heights’ 8 Week Challenge.
“The reason why I love TFW so much is the sense of community it creates, “said Jessie Davis, Training For Warriors Harker Heights affiliate owner. “I like watching people bond and then push each other. It’s not just me yelling at a group of people, it’s a cooperative effort,” said Davis.
TFW is a global affiliation serving communities in over 300 locations. The TFW fitness system is designed for individuals at any fitness level to gain “muscular strength and mental fortitude” based on comprehensive and functional workout program.
TFW typically kicks off 8 Weeks Challenges across their multitude of locations several times a year.
“It’s kinda cool to be a part of something bigger because they’re all pushing themselves and knowing that there’s a ton of other people out there doing this same thing,” said Davis.
The challenge entails before and after pictures, body composition analysis, clear and concise direction for accomplishing goals, unlimited classes, set up with Vitabot nutrition program, and prizes.
“I like it that it’s with a group of people. That’s what motivates me, is to be with people. It keeps me accountable. I like that it’s always a variety of things, so you get to challenge yourself,” said Michele Chancellor, TFW member.
Chancellor and other TFW members enjoy the TFW’s methodology to fitness because of the program’s focus on a motivational approach and the family environment.
“I’ve tried other gyms as well that have the functional training and they’re all pretty similar, but this one, I like this the most just because it pushes you, you don’t get to skate by…it’s a safe environment,” said Chancellor. “A lot of people don’t like to go to gyms because they don’t know what to do there. Here, you have someone that’s actually training you and you’re with other people, so to me, it’s just friendlier,” said Chancellor.
The 8 Week Challenge also provides key tools for an individual’s success: accountability, support, and the motivational component that allows individuals to build on skills that promote a healthy lifestyle long after the challenge has ended.
“I can give you the best workout, the hardest workout… But, if you don’t have that motivation, the rest of those 168 hours in a week, to do the things you’re supposed to do, you’re still not going to get the best results and you’re not going to be successful,” said Davis.
TFW member, Kristen Carmona has participated in past TFW challenges and enjoys seeing fellow challenger’s transformations and pushing yourself.
“The community and she (Davis) stays on you too. She’s really hands on…They’re really fun and engaging. So far, everybody that I’ve brought to try it has signed up,” said Carmona.
The 8 Week Challenge begins Jan. 9. For more information, please visit Training For Warriors Harker Heights Facebook or call (254) 462-3517.


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