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To all the pets I’ve loved before

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Betty Weiss

        Betty Weiss

Betty Weiss


OOPS! Sorry, Buzz. I added an “s” to your last name in my previous column. It should have been Lyon. Not Lyons. And, no, I didn’t do that on purpose, because you are a Steelers’ fan.
Who’d have thought that two men with such diverse backgrounds and life styles as Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias would team up in 1984 to make a record that would climb to the top of the C&W music charts? But they did it with “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.”
Try to picture it at the recording studio… Here comes Willie. The good old country boy who was born in 1933 just up the road apiece in Abbott, Texas. Always scruffy looking with a thick braid hanging down his back, Willie enters the studio with the scent of marijuana swirling around him. He’s dressed in a George Strait shirt, Levi jeans with a Lucchese belt and buckle, and walking in a pair of Tony Lama boots (probably the only western boots still made in the USA – El Paso, TX to be exact) – all of which he purchased at Shepplers in Austin. That custom made hat that he sometimes wears is settled on his gone-to-gray hair. He bought it at the famous Texas Hatters in Lockhart, Texas. In business since the 1920s, Texas Hatters has made hats for President Reagan, Governor Ann Richards, Tom Selleck, Hank Williams, Jr., and Chuck Norris, just to name a few.
Then comes Julio. Born Julio Jose Iglesias de la Cuevo in Madrid, Spain in 1943, he’s preceded by the subtle scent of Clive Christian No.1, which sells for about $799 per 1.7oz. Always the epitome of sophistication, he’s dressed in a suit from Seville Row in London, shirt by the House of Piccolo in Italy, a Hermes necktie from Paris, a Versace belt, and loafers by Gucci.
Julio is married to wife number two and has eight children. Willie is married to wife number four and had seven children, but one of his sons committed suicide. It seems likely that with their track record they both had their share of girls travel in and out their door. Whether they really loved them or not, who knows?
Someone should write a song entitled: “To All the Pets I’ve Loved Before.” The little dog and cats that traveled in and out of the door – precious little creatures that give unconditional love and devotion. There were very few times in my life that there wasn’t a dog of cat sharing my home, and I still remember most of their names. There were: Maggie & Jigs, Midnight, Promise Kept, MacTavish, McKeever, Chauncy, Tasha, Domino, Smokey, Agnew, Noel, Machen, Basil, Daphene, Chloe, and Abagail. Barry and Eli are the current resident cats in the Weiss household. Both were strays that saw the flashing neon sign on the patio, which can only be seen and read by four-legged critters, “Free Food Here.”
Barry is about 14 years old now, and Eli is almost four. They both got a “terrific” report on their last visit to Dr. Jones at Pet Medical. Of all the pets I’ve loved before, Promise and Chloe were my heart. Promise was an adorable black cocker spaniel that shared my life for about 10 years. His long ears always got tipped with white when he lapped up a saucer of milk. I can still see him trotting down the street in the cold weather with his red harness and leash and snazzy little red sweater. And Chloe? My precious blue-gray chinchilla kitty was a bundle of love. Always cuddly and snuggly, she was very gracious and allowed me to share my bed with her. Chloe went to kitty heaven when she was about 18. With all the dogs and cats in shelters and roaming the streets looking for homes, think about letting one come in your door. Once you do, you can also sing about the pets you love.


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