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Tim Brown to seek one final term as Precinct 2 Bell County Commissioner

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As Bell County Commissioner Tim Brown looked at the crowd that assembled Monday afternoon for his campaign announcement, there was one thing that stood out to him – family. After serving six terms and more than 23 years as Precinct 2 Commissioner, many of the people who gathered in the county courthouse to support him have become like family.

“We have so much to be thankful for here in this place,” said Brown. “We have an incredibly talented and dedicated family of county officials and employees and it has been my honor to work with these people.  We have forged strong relationships with leaders and officials at every level of government and with community leaders, volunteers and just plain good people who give so much here at home.”

Tim Brown

Brown said he is seeking a “one final term” to mark his seventh as Precinct 2 County Commissioner. First elected in 1994, Brown said he sees the county continuing to address the same issues as those he campaigned for in his first election.

“They’re just on a much larger scale,” he said, pointing to water, transportation, public safety, growth management and the overarching mandate to hold down the cost of government.

“Protecting our quality of life while building for the future has always been and continues to be my goal.  I ask for your continued confidence, trust and support,” Brown concluded.

Commissioner Brown was born and raised in Bell County, graduating from Belton High School before attending Texas A&M. As an Aggie, Brown received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Design and a Master’s Degree in Land Development. Prior to his stint as a public servant, Brown worked as an independent designer. Brown was first elected county commissioner in 1994, the same year that then-Governor George W. Bush won his first term as head of state.

As a leader in resource preparedness, Brown has led the charge on the establishment of the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District. The commissioner is also one of the founders and two-term president of North America’s Super Corridor Coalition, a group created to address infrastructure needs in response to the passage of NAFTA. Brown also helped coordinate local governments to provide funding to get the U.S. 190 upgrade started with the Texas Department of Transportation.

As a lifelong Republican, Brown has maintained a strong fiscal responsibility by working with the commissioners’ court to maintain a steady tax rate, while providing more services. Brown helped in planning the construction of the Bell County Justice Complex, which will be the future home to a memorial to fallen peace officers. Brown sculpted the model that will be cast in bronze and set on site later. Details about the statue’s unveiling are forthcoming.

As Brown looks to his seventh term, the veteran commissioner said if elected he will spend his next term working to keep Bell County ahead of its growth curve. The county already led the way in the early days of fiber network with the creation of BellNet. Brown said he is considering initiatives that will help Bell County reach more of its residents through social media, citing the recent hurricane relief efforts of an example on how the county can better utilize its communications network.

“When NAFTA was established, we made a plan to ensure Interstate 35 would scale to accommodate increased traffic. With the invention of fiber networks, we made our public safety communications network one of the fastest in the state,” said Brown. “Bell County is continuing to be one of the fastest growing counties in the state. With Interstate 14 now a reality, we must prepare to become a new crossroads for Texas’ economy and military preparedness.”

Brown said he will be hosting a campaign launch event in October. Until then, he will be presenting more information about how Bell County can address these important issues through his campaign website,

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