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This means war: Comanche Badlands Paintball

This means war:  Comanche Badlands Paintball

Special to the Evening Star

Comanche Badlanz Paintball, located at 401 FM 3219 in Harker Heights, is currently seeking players for the age group of 7-10 years old for their Mini-Tournament in which players are teamed up with members of the Harker Heights Outlaws as mentors and compete against their age group.

The facility has seven fields that can be played on, catering to all styles of play, such as Speedball, commonly used by tournament style players (Harker Heights Outlaws) from beginner to professional.  This style plays in local events, state events, nationally and internationally.
Comanche Badlands are also currently coordinating a Streetball event from Professionals out of California and in Conjunction with the U.S. Army Allstars for a Charity event.

The facility has an Urban Field, which is the most popular.  The Urban Field is a small scale representation of a town or city with several buildings, obstacles and a castle.  All types of players play on this field from the once-in-a-while recreational player, to the every weekend experienced players, putting their skills to the test.

Their newest field is a Spoolball field, which consists of 100 wooden spools large and small, a wooden backhoe and fake trees.  This field gets utilized by mostly their recreational players and smaller players; the 7-9 year olds.  They also have three seperate woodsball fields; one is a swampy attack and defend field, the Jurassic Park Field, and the Wooded Field.

On Saturdays at high noon, they attempt to organize large woodsball games, and the more players involved, the better.  This Saturday, their Woodsball Game will be the Hunger Games, just to change up things a bit; the public is welcome to join in.

Comanche Badlanz Paintball routinely has something going on, including professional players conducting paintball clinics such as Justin Rabakoff from Edmonton Impact or Nick Slowiak from Houston Heat; check in with them if you are interested.  They also host Tournaments from the South Central Paintball Association (SCPA) or the Central Texas Paintball League (CTPL), as well as trying our own league, the Armed Forces Paintball League (AFPL).

Comanche Badlanz Paintball is home of the Harker Heights Outlaws, who will compete Sept. 12 in San Antonio against 18 teams representing cities from all over the state in 5-Man Division V. The Outlaws placed first in last month’s event in Dallas and are currently a contender in placing themselves on the podium for the series.

Oct. 15 – 18 is the Paintball World Cup in Florida, and it is currently undecided if the Outlaws will be attending. On Oct. 4, Comanche is attempting to host a 3-Man Open Division Paintballtoberfest tournament. This tournament will provide the perfect opportunity for those curious about paintball to see what it has evolved into.

Comanche Badlanz Paintball is open for fundraising events, team building events, military events and more. Guests are only limited to their imaginations.

Paintball is a year round sport, rain or shine, even in the snow. The facility is open Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekdays by appointment.

For more information about Comanche Badlandz Paintball, call (254) 338-7030 or visit their website at


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