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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Things shiny and things new

Things shiny and things new

by Ryan Kiblinger, Pastor

Tis the season for making lists and tallying the desires of all we want shiny and new. Kids are going through catalogs (well, probably more likely making Amazon wishlists these days) and marking the toys they would like to have. Parents are also making lists of thing they would like to have. No doubt, most of us have seen the car commercials with giant red bows on new white cars. Tis the season of the desire for all things shiny and new.
Christmas has become a major commercial affair. Retail businesses rely on it to turn a profit of the year. Analysts compare what we as Americans spend year over year, and the more shiny and new this year over last is supposedly an indication we are better off than we were last year. But that is not what Christmas is all about.
Christmas is not about the shiny and new. Christmas presents are not to be an end in and of themselves, but are given as a sign of something else. Christmas presents are exchanged to point to the gift that God has given us in Jesus. At Christmas it isn’t about the shiny and new, but it is about the baby born.
This Christmas what would it look like if you remembered that every gift you buy, and ever gift you give is not so that you can have what you finally wanted. It isn’t an excuse to indulge yourself and get into credit card debt. It is to have a tangible reminder of what God has done for us in Jesus.


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