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Sue Ellen Jackson

Parents Corner


Dear Sue Ellen

I think kids today are weird and it worries me.   Don’t you think kids do strange things?

Just Curious

Dear “Just Curious”

When I was a toddler my older brother thought it was funny to feed me dirt.  I refused to eat it without a spoon.

When my daughter was a pre-schooler she was helping me bake biscuits one day.  We had rolled out the biscuits and she helped me lay them out on the baking sheet.  While we waited for the oven to pre-heat, I ran to the bathroom.  When I got back I was surprised to see that she had carefully placed pennies (that she kept in the purse she took everywhere) on top of each raw biscuit.  Looking back, I wish I had baked the biscuits with the pennies on top, just for fun.

My granddaughter was around 6 years old when she decided to build an irrigation system in her room out of tape and straws.  She waited until everyone went to bed and then my husband heard a commotion in her room around 2 AM.  He discovered a matrix of straws and tape running from her top bunk to her dressing table.  She had created a working water transfer system.

Three generations of wee girls acting strange.  What’s worrisome about that?  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all eased up a bit?  Embrace the strange!  Every generation brings uniqueness to the world.  Kids today are saturated with sound and information.  No wonder they act strange.  By the age of 12 the youngest generation is worried about their carbohydrate intake and cholesterol levels.  They wear helmets to do practically everything.   To old hippies, Viet Nam Vets and sundry other retirees, (who never expected to live past the age of 30), that is strange behavior.

To answer your question, I do believe kids today do strange things, but I intend to embrace it and I hope you will to.

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