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Spoiled Rotten

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Sue Ellen Jackson

Parents Corner


Dear Sue Ellen,

My grandkids are spoiled rotten.  They don’t show respect to nobody and I don’t want them to come over anymore until they learn some manners.   I didn’t raise my children that way.  What’s wrong with kids today?


Dear Louise,

What is your definition of spoiled rotten?  Does it mean your three-month-old grandbaby cries until somebody picks her up from her crib?  Is your six-year-old grandson running in the house on your freshly mopped floor?  Are your grandkids loud and rowdy?  Are they sucked into their     i-pads watching Sponge Bob and ignoring everything else?  Did they throw a tantrum at Wal-Mart because you didn’t buy them the $50 Karaoke machine they wanted?  Are they messy?  Do they fight with each other?  Did they spit on you or pull the cat’s tail?  Did they sneak into your cookie jar?  Did they break something or get in your closet and laugh at your old lady shoes?

True Confession.   I hate the term spoiled rotten.  For all I know, your grandchildren are in their thirty’s and still live with their parents.  Maybe that’s what you mean when you say spoiled rotten.  I think it is a catch-all phrase that doesn’t mean anything, but describes grown-ups that have no patience for kids, and probably shouldn’t be around them anyway.

Being around kids is not for the faint of heart.   They are loud, messy, demanding, frustrating   and will get into mischief.  They are also loving and forgiving and hungry to learn about the world around them.  Please don’t use that term “spoiled rotten” around me or I might roll your front yard with a case of toilet paper and get your grandkids to help me.  Kids need structure, guidance and tons of love.  You are right.  If they are getting on your nerves for being kids you probably shouldn’t be around them.  If your grandkids truly have behavior issues, and their parents don’t do anything about it, call the police and try to get them arrested.  The parents…not the kids.  The parents are the ones that are spoiled rotten, and that should be a crime.

Here’s a question for you.  Why do people have kids if they don’t know how to raise them?

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