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Spirit Forged Crossfit opens doors

Spirit Forged Crossfit opens doors

Friday, at 1:00 p.m., Spirit Forged CrossFit opened its doors at their new location on the corner of 2410 and Harley, Harker Heights. Several members of the community, gym members, and the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce were in attendance.

The facility is approximately 4,000 square feet featuring a spacious bay area for a fully functional CrossFit gym, an outdoor space, air condition office and lounge area, and an additional warehouse with plans for it to be used as a Strongman area.

“I want to specialize in just more than one genre of fitness… It’s always nice to just have an area where you can just throw weight around and not worry about getting in anyone’s way” said Glen Whitner, owner and head coach for Spirit Forged CrossFit.

Glen Whitner is a retired Army Master Fitness Trainer, Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, with over 20 years of body building and powerlifting experience.

“We want to get involved in the community and try to inspire health, fitness, and wellbeing,” said Whitner.

CrossFit has gained much momentum in the recent years, but has been around for decades. According to CrossFit, Inc., CrossFit is designed for universal scalability to fit any physical needs from athletes to fitness beginners.

“The greatest thing about CrossFit is watching people progress,” said Whitner.

CrossFit focuses on functional movements, combing aspects from all fitness genres with constant variability. The workouts are performed in the shortest amount of time with maximum effort.

“You never get bored with it. In the two years that I’ve been doing it, we’ve never done the same workout twice (excluding the special dedication Workout of the Day exercises),” said member, Anna Muslin, Temple resident.

Spirit Forged CrossFit strives to improve their members’ lives by improving their level of fitness by incorporating them into a community of support and encouragement.

“I’ve heard in other (conglomerate) gyms you go in and no one knows your name, but you come to a (CrossFit) class regularly, people will notice and miss you if you are not there,” said member and daughter, Arielle Whitner, 13.

Spirit Forged CrossFit provides free community workouts on Saturdays and on April 23, 2016, they are hosting 4 All Heroes fitness competition benefitting military, fire, and police.

For more information about membership specials, personal training, and community events, please visit or call 254-833-2810. For more information on the national event: 4 All Heroes, visit


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