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Sleepless Nights

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Sue Ellen Jackson

Parents Corner


Dear Sue Ellen,

My little girl gets up after everyone is asleep.  She gets into her sister’s stuff, turns on the TV, goes into the fridge and plays with the dog.  So far, she hasn’t gone outside but I am afraid she will.  I get up at least 2 times each night to redirect her.  When I wake up in the morning, she is rolled up in her favorite blanket by the foot of our bed asleep. I don’t know what to do.  Help!

Sleepless Mom

Dear Sleepless Mom,

Ouch!  Don’t you hate that cranky feeling you get when you don’t get enough sleep?  I hope you don’t take it out on your family.

If I were you, I’d make an appointment with her pediatrician and see if there is a medi-cal reason for her sleeping habits.  (If you have good insurance, be careful not to ac-cept more help than you really need.)  They will probably tell you sugar is the devil and don’t give her any sugary food or juices before bedtime.  Once you get that out of the way, here are my thoughts about additional things you might try.

Read to her at bedtime.  Yeah…I know you are very busy, but reading to children at bedtime has so many advantages and is an excellent investment of your time toward the future of your little girl. It creates lasting memories that you will both cherish.  Chil-dren that are read to usually do better in school, so I’ve heard by experts in the field of child development.

Does she take naps in the afternoon?  You might try eliminating naps.  She might get cranky because she isn’t sleeping all night but if you can endure the drama, it might cause her to sleep better at night.  Make preparing for bed a ritual; bath time…story time…nite-nite.  You might even try setting her bedtime for an hour later.

One last suggestion; try to work in a power nap for yourself if possible. It will help you stay cheerful.  A cranky mommy is a cranky family.   Good Luck!   You can do this!  Stay Mommy Strong!

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