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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Shoemaker Drama Club holds Poetry Slam

Shoemaker Drama Club holds Poetry Slam

Sara Escobar

Evening Star

On Friday, February 24, students of Shoemaker High School sat close-knit in a room near the main auditorium. From freshman to recent graduates, Shoemaker students came out to experience the poetry slam headed by students of the drama club. Over 50 students piled in, some even bringing in chairs from separate rooms when seating ran out.

HHES/SARA ESCOBAR Jack Heron was the second performer at the drama club, and read an excerpt from his upcoming book, titled ‘Spit’ which should be released to the public in late 2017.

Jack Heron was the second performer at the drama club, and read an excerpt from his upcoming book, titled ‘Spit’ which should be released to the public in late 2017.

Senior Jeffrey Fewell is the President of the drama club and has been involved with the organization since he was a freshman. “The poetry slam, to me, is a culmination of the beauty that this area has been afraid of showcasing,” said Fewell, “it’s grimy, it’s gory—but it’s real. It’s been real since we began and I know for a fact that won’t change.” He says that this is the fourth or fifth slam held at the school. “There are artists here that have been to every single slam, graduated or not, and they’ve connected—we’ve become family. I sort of see myself as the dad in this whole thing, since I’m the primary organizer and host for the slam. I genuinely feel needed here. I’ve never been a part of such a miraculous group of individuals.” Fewell is assisted in the effort towards the poetry slam by seniors Hope Rivera and Rachel Gonzalez, who spread information and promote the benefits of drama and art. The poetry slam began at 6:30 p.m. and was initially advertised with a $3 admission, but once seats ran out and students continued to pour in, the fee was waved and the door remained open for entry throughout the show.

The slam began with a clipboard being passed among the crowd; students who were interested in performing poems or stories could write their name or an alias down, and Fewell would then choose people at random to perform. The group of students was diverse in many ways, but the atmosphere was warm, welcoming, and understanding.

“These poetry slams inspired me to get into my creative side a whole lot more,” said Jaelin Rivera, a student at the event. “I was going through a rough time the first time I attended a slam, and my friend invited me out. I’ve been to every slam since—there’s so many amazing people who perform and I’ve made some wonderful friends from it.”

Madison Lavalley graduated from Shoemaker in 2016, and also attended the slam. “I think this is just a really nice environment to express yourself. I always look forward to seeing people perform in a loud and meaningful way,” she said.

For Fewell, it’s all about providing a space that offers something unique. “There’s no other platform in the area where students and graduates can just talk. Sure, schools showcase talent like choir and band, but there’s nothing that allows you to hear an individual’s voice. That’s necessary. We’re heard, and we listen. Above all else, though, we care.”

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