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Harker Heights Evening Star

Residents drink in chance to learn from herbal tea class

Residents drink in chance to learn from herbal tea class

By Bridget Carlson, Harker Heights Evening Star

On Saturday the Harker Heights Public Library held an herbal tea class taught by Kathe Kitchens of Bestemor Herb Farm in Belton, Texas.

“We have been in business for 4 years. This is a passion of mine. I started doing it over 20 years ago because I was ill,” said Kathe Kitchens, Owner, Bestemor Herb Farm.

While many people call it an herbal tea, it is correctly referred to as tisane.

“Herbal tea isn’t actually a tea it is a tisane. Tisane is the correct way to refer to it. You also have infusion and decoction,” said Kitchens

In addition to learning about the different benefits of herbs such as those that will encourage a restful sleep like Lemon Balm, and those that help with sinus and cold symptoms such as thyme, oregano, and mint; Kitchens also warned the class that you should be cautious with herbs if you have other health conditions.

“You can or cannot use certain herbs depending on your health conditions. For example, chamomile is great but it has coumadin in it, which is a blood thinner; so if you have certain health conditions, you do not want to use chamomile,” said Kitchens.

While you may have to steer clear of certain herbs depending on your health condition, you may benefit from other herbs which can also be used to make beauty and health products.

“Herbal teas are not just to drink. I suffer from arthritis and fused vertebrae. I personally have used a product with comfrey in it for 11 years now,” said Kitchens.

Herbs can also be used in the garden and around the house to promote plant growth and keep away certain pests.

“Spiders hate mint,” said Kitchens. “It completely overwhelms them; they loathe it. Something else that also hates mint is mice.”

Kitchens also informed the class about plant teas and their ability to help gardens and plants.

“Seaweed is one of my favorite’s. I use seaweed anytime I plant a new plant; it completely eliminates transplant shock and it is hugely nutritious for you as well as the plants. It make a dramatic difference in the health of your plants,” said Kitchens.

Towards the end of the class, each student was able to sample one of four tea blends; Memory and Study blend, Calming Tea, Cold and Sinus blend, or Tummy Tea.

To learn more about herbs or the Bestemor Herb Farm visit them at the Harker Heights Farmers Market most Saturday’s or on facebook at


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