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Well folks, I’m running dangerously close to deadline again a fair bit of time has passed, and so I figured I’d take a few minutes to provide some updates on a few things I’ve mentioned over the past while.

To begin with, the reason why I was looking up scripts is because I was given an offer to submit an audition packet for voice work. Unfortunately, the agency I was given the offer to submit the packet to now appears to have not been on the level, as not one single means of contact I found worked; my phone calls have not been returned, and my e-mails all bounced back to me. But at least I have a packet ready for next time.

From there, you’ll recall that I talked about the infamous “women-only” screenings of “Wonder Woman” being offered by the Alamo Draft House chain of theaters. Well, that’s just had a major update. Seems, quite frankly, that folks down in Austin have determined that yes, the screenings did indeed violate city anti-discrimination law: . A settlement has been offered for those individuals who filed complaints, but to put it bluntly it’s a pittance compared to what a good lawyer could get for them. Additionally, it’s my understanding that complaints made about showings in other cities are still being investigated, so it’s entirely possible that this could result in more findings of illegal activity.

So just remember folks: discrimination is still discrimination. No matter how many people try to tell you that this is all somehow asinine and that the folks bringing suit need to just deal with it. Or how many trolls try to equate matters with Saudi Arabia.

Or we have the bit with Evergreen State University, where a professor was forced to flee for his life after he stood up to racial discrimination on campus and armed mobs of students effectively seized control of the place. The whole proceeding, it turned out, so mortified the entire state of Washington that enrollment – which was already precarious, believe it or not – dropped off a cliff. Even if a current effort to push for the school to be de-funded fails, its student enrollment is now below the threshold established by state law, and so it may end up being de-funded anyway.

And if that wasn’t enough smiting, the professor at the heart of it is now suing the college for $3.8 million dollars:

. Yes folks, that’s millions. He’s holding the college completely responsible for what he sees as their absolute failure to act in a timely fashion when things started going sour. Honestly folks, I don’t see Evergreen State lasting much longer without some very wealthy outside donors propping it up in the short and intermediate terms.

The final bit I’d like to talk about is this:  . For those who don’t know, a bit back Gawker Media’s sins caught up with them and they lost a major lawsuit that led to their demise. They had it coming, but a new film about the matter is hoping to perform an apologia for the company. Thing is, other such apologias (like the film “Truth”) didn’t do much outside the existing echo chamber, so I doubt this one will have much success either.

So, that’s the updates. See you next week, everyone.


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