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Joyce Friels

Local Gardening


Listening to running water, seeing birds bathing, watching the goldfish come to the surface of the water to get fed – any one, or all of these things will create a relaxing place for you and your guests in your backyard.

When we decided to put in a pond, the obvious place for it was almost in the center of the backyard. This area had been a raised flower bed for many years. We had made it out of rocks about 18 inches high. Our first step was to measure the space to see what size a formed pond would fit.

Once we had the measurements, we went shopping at the local garden center. We found a sturdy pond that would fit our space. It was about eighteen inches deep with a ledge all around. This depth would be enough to keep plants and fish from freezing in the winter.

Since we wanted a waterfall effect, we also purchased two large water containers, with overflow lips, of the same material as the pond. These would sit higher than the pond with the top one over the second one. This would let the water cascade from the top down into the main pond. We purchased a water pump with enough psi and some tubing, long enough to fit onto the pump and up to the top water container. These would be placed in the bottom of the large pond to circulate the water.

The next step was to dig out the dirt in the old flower bed big enough to fit the pond. After that was done, we placed about three to four inches of sand in the bottom of the hole. Then we put the pond in place, filled in all around the outside with more sand and eliminated any air pockets in the sand. As we filled in with the sand, we made sure it was level.

When this was done we took some of the leftover dirt to make mounds, and some large rocks, building two areas, one above the other, to hold the overflow containers. Once these were in place, we brought out the water hose and started filling the pond. Excitement!

When the pond was filled we placed the pump in the bottom. It rested on a cement block to raise it above the floor of the pond. Large rocks were used to cover the exposed tubing as it went up to the top container. We plugged in the pump and eagerly waited for the water to be pumped to the top. When we saw the water filling the top container, we were thrilled. With everything operating correctly we let the water circulate a few days. It was time to go water plant shopping!


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