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Sue Ellen Jackson

Parents Corner


Dear Sue Ellen,

I was in a restaurant with my husband the other day and we were unable to carry on a conversation because of a child screaming at a nearby table.  That is a pet peeve of mine.   I don’t understand why parents don’t remove their children from the public when they are being disruptive.  What are your pet peeves?


Dear Curious,

You probably shouldn’t encourage me to share pet peeves.  I’m inclined to get a big ladder, climb up on a 10-foot soap box, shout to the world and never come down until the world is a better place.  But, since you asked, here goes.

Dirty Diaper Dumpers.  If you are a person that dumps stinky dirty diapers in public places, like a parking lots, you shouldn’t be allowed to be in the public.  Do you think those diapers get magically picked up by some kind-hearted diaper fairy?  I hope the next time you are in a big parking lot you step on a poopy-filled diaper and poo gets on your flip-flops!

Line Cutters.  Why do you cut in front of people in lines and act like you don’t know what you are doing?  We’re watching you and we don’t like it!  Don’t you see us rolling our eyes at you?

Oh… never mind, you don’t care.

Can’t Counters.  Do you know how to read?  The sign says 20 items or less in the check-out line!  You’re rude!

Non-Listeners.  You haven’t heard a single word I’ve said, but you smile and nod.  Your eyes have wondered off and you are there in body only.  Next time please say, “excuse me” and walk away.

Complainers.  All you do is criticize people for the stupid things they do, like dump dirty diapers, break lines, go through the wrong check-out line, and don’t listen to anybody but yourself.  Oh, my goodness… I am my own pet peeve!

I think I should refrain from laying claim to any pet peeves because I fear I might be like some of the people that annoy me.  I confess, I may have been rude on rare occasion.  Okay, I did have 25 items in the 20 or less check-out line…that’s not so bad, is it? There was this time when I was sort of unsure who came up to ticket booth first, so I went ahead…they didn’t seem to mind.   I am forced to ask myself a very grown up question:  what am I teaching my children and grandchildren when I behave badly?

The point is…we are all a work in progress.  We all have good days and bad days.  I wouldn’t have to assign myself the task of building a 10-foot soap box and tell the world how to behave if we all took a little effort to be kind and thoughtful, even to strangers.  One more thing…I NEVER dumped a dirty diaper in the parking lot.  Just sayin’…

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