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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Nutty Hiker: Stick a fork in me; I’m done!

Nutty Hiker: Stick a fork in me; I’m done!

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Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know what I am talking about. That week you had where nothing went right and it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did. You couldn’t seem to catch a break; the weight of the world was on your shoulders and you were expected to carry it, gracefully without tripping.

Monday wasn’t too terribly bad. I went on my first hike in several weeks and hiked a little over three miles. I really wanted to hike at least 5, however, my body told me I was crazy and to go home.

The majority of the problems started when I decided to give up my morning coffee on Tuesday. Obviously that was mistake number one and the one mistake that set everything else into motion.

So there I was, un-caffeinated, trying to make it in this crazy world.  I was in a foggy irritable daze the entire day. Nothing seemed to be going right AT ALL. I was being irritated by everything and everyone. Oh you need to breathe? Not my problem, because you’re irritating me by inhaling and exhaling.

I made a post on Facebook how maybe it wasn’t the best day to quit drinking coffee. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends who offered to drink coffee for me.  Unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that and I still needed coffee or a cigarette (which I gave up over 6 months ago.)

I decided my bed was where I actually needed to be. Away from the world. Yes I needed to be away from the world and people. People were not my friend that day. What I should have really done was go for a hike; but then that would have meant possibly running into other Homo sapiens.

On Wednesday I decided I couldn’t do the “no coffee” thing anymore. Wednesday consisted of meeting deadlines and no caffeine plus deadlines would equal a very toxic and possibly “get arrested” type of situation.

I sent a text to my husband who was at PT to “please stop and pick me up some coffee.” He text back asking what kind and if I would also like him to get me creamer. It seemed like he was eager to do this one favor for me. I have no idea why he would be so eager for me to pour that coffee down my throat!

Wednesday, while bearable (thanks to the coffee), was still stressful. I had a million things to do and not much time to do it in. As soon as I would start working on something, someone or something would interrupt and I would loose my train of thought. I blame it on the lack of caffeine the day before.

It’s funny because as I sit here reading what I wrote, I realize the week wasn’t that bad, even if at the time it felt like it.

It’s funny how in the heat of the moment things seem to be falling apart, yet when you can look back you realize it really wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe I will try and give up coffee again!

I can’t tell you how the rest of the week went because it hasn’t happened yet. I guess you will just need to head over to my blog http://nuttyhiker.com to find out, or connect with me on Facebook.

Until next time…hike on!

Bridget is a military spouse of 17 years, Mom, Professional Photographer, Writer, and Avid Hiker. You can contact Bridget by visiting her website http://nuttyhiker.com or following her on twitter/facebook/instagram @nuttyhiker


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