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Nutty Hiker: It’s About That Time

Nutty Hiker: It’s About That Time

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By Bridget Carlson

We are now just a few short weeks from my oldest daughter’s high school graduation. I am excited to see what her future brings, even if she is still decided what she wants to do when she “grows up.”

She has already made plans to move out right after graduation. It’s nice to see that she took my “you’re not living with Mom until you 30” warning.

While I am excited for her, I have to admit that not having her at home will be very weird and some tears will be shed.

On the bright side, I will finally have an office at the house. No more using the dining room table (or coffee table) as an office. No more “Britney Michele clean your freaking room.”

Thankfully she won’t be living too far away. Do you think she would be upset if I showed up at her house weekly and told her to clean her room? You know, just for old times sake!

These next few weeks will definitely be hectic as we plan for family members to come into town and prepare for her graduation party, that due to graduation time will be held before the graduation ceremony.

Yes, June 4th will definitely be a crazy, busy, hectic day!

She was excited to read about her graduation present in my previous column. I am also sure it took a load off of her shoulders learning that she wouldn’t need to not only find her own place, but also her own car.

We are not at that point in the parent/child relationship that the child grows up and moves away, excited for their new adventure; while the parent worries and wonders if they did a good enough job raising them that they will be ready for this new chapter of their life.

I can only hope and pray that these last 18 years I haven’t managed to screw up and that my daughter realizes that all my rules and “mean mama” were put in place to prepare her for adulthood and the real world.

It’s time to spread your wings and fly my beautiful butterfly!

Happy Graduation to all the graduates this year! Strap in and hold one because adulthood is a whole new ballgame!

Until next time….hike on!

Bridget is a military spouse of 17 years, Mom, Professional Photographer, Writer, and Avid Hiker. You can contact Bridget by visiting her website or following her on twitter/facebook/instagram @nuttyhiker



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