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Nutty Hiker: High School Graduation and the Mean Mama

Nutty Hiker: High School Graduation and the Mean Mama

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By Bridget Carlson

It’s time for high school graduation (my daughter’s, not mine haha). It’s crazy how time has flown. She has two more siblings behind her that will soon follow in her footsteps.

It’s crazy to think in just under a month I will be kicking my daughter out so she can start “adulting”. I mean um errr in just under a month she will graduate high school and spread her wings and fly.

My children have known since they could comprehend what was coming out of my mouth that upon high school graduation, they have three choices; go to college, join the military, or move out on their own. No matter which choice they make, they are moving out. There is no live with parents and mooch off of them until I am in my 30’s choice.

So in my book they have had 18 years to prepare themselves for that day. Granted the first 10 years or so they were more worried about what toy to play with, but upon teenage years the constant nagging from me, telling them it is time to prepare for their future showed them I am serious.

I’ve had parents ask me how I could kick my child out after high school. My question is, how can you not!?

I am the type of mother that wants my children to learn from their mistakes. I want them to learn how to plan ahead. I want them to know how to prepare for their future.

I am the type of mother who opened each of them savings accounts when they were younger and made them deposit half of any money they received in order to create a habit of saving from an early age.

I am the type of mother who makes her children pay their portion of the car insurance every month, so they create a habit of knowing when and how to pay bills on time before they leave on their own.

I am the type of mother that makes my children do chores and NOT be paid for it. They can, however, do additional chores to earn money.

I am the type of mother that makes my children pay for their own gas in their car. You’re out of gas? Well, I guess you’re walking and maybe you should learn to budget your money better. Yes, I am that Mom.

Yes, I am the type of mother that thinks that you should still spread your wings and fly upon graduation, not mooch off of your parents for who knows how long. So if that makes me a mean mom, well I am proud to be one heck of a mean mama!!!

Oh and I am also the type of mother who allows her children to have a car that they do NOT have to pay for while in high school, but make them leave it here and buy their own upon graduation. Or am I? HAPPY EARLY GRADUATION BRITNEY! THE CAR YOU ARE CURRENTLY DRIVING IS YOURS; FREE AND CLEAR! You don’t have to leave it for your younger sister to use.

To all the graduating seniors this year, spread your wings and fly. Welcome to adulthood; it’s not as fun as you think it is!

Let Bridget know what you think. How do you plan to handle graduation? Comment on her blog at the following url:

Bridget is a military spouse of 17 years, Mom, Professional Photographer, Writer, and Avid Hiker. You can contact Bridget by visiting her website or following her on twitter/facebook/instagram @nuttyhiker


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