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Nutty Hiker: Deployment Diary

Nutty Hiker: Deployment Diary

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Why do the shortest separations always seem the longest? We are three weeks into our four-week NTC separation and it feels like he has been gone for a year!

I am sure part of that is that I have not heard from him in two weeks. Actually, by the time you read this I will have heard from him. That also means only one week left until he returns home.

So much has happened in these three short weeks that he has been gone.

I had our roof replaced, window screens fixed, diagnosed and fixed a service engine soon light on the suv by myself, filed and received our tax return, celebrated our son’s 13th birthday, got us out of debt (except for the house), re-decorated our bedroom, nursed our youngest son back from a badly sprained ankle, and here in a couple of days will celebrate our youngest daughters 15th birthday. I did all of this while working my day job, running my photography business, and doing that whole “Mom” thing to the three kiddos that are still at home.
As I read that I can’t help but laugh! I am definitely the typical military wife. I kept myself busy without actually realizing that’s what I was doing. Come to think of it, I am kind of worn out!

I still have a lot to do before he comes home in a week and I see this going one of two ways. Either the week is going to drag on and on causing me to run out of things to do. Or, it will fly by and I won’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to. I am hoping for the latter, I think!

When he gets back we get to start on our pre-deployment to do list. Then when he deploys I will work on my deployment to do list. Can you tell I am a “list” kind of gal?

Wish me luck!

A little side note for anyone that needs to have their roof replaced, I highly recommend SRC Roofing in Harker Heights. They did an amazing job, was super fast, and the owner kept in constant contact with me through the entire process. I walked away feeling like I was family not a customer!


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