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Nutty Hiker: Back in Action

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By Bridget Carlson

With Britney’s graduation over and preparing for her to leave the nest I have also made other changes.
After a 5-month hiatus from Central Bell County Fire/Rescue (CBCFR) in Nolanville, I am back as the department secretary and photographer. I didn’t realize how much I have missed these guys. My daughter Britney is also a volunteer firefighter here as well as my husband.
Yes, when my husband is not at his day job (Army) he serves his community even further by volunteering his time as a volunteer firefighter. Actually several of our members are active duty army.
It feels great being able to help out again, even if they do drive me crazy at times!
For those that are not aware, CBCFR is an all-volunteer fire department in Nolanville that serves not only the city of Nolanville but also the surrounding county areas.
Right now, I spend about 40 hours a week (sometimes even more) helping out up here with what I can. When they get calls, as long as space is available, I ride with them on the calls and get the pleasure of capturing those moments through pictures. They really do amaze me. They risk their lives with nothing expected in return.
It’s interesting when I talk to people in the community; most think that these guys or at least the Chief are paid, when in fact no one up here is paid for their time. We are all 100% volunteer’s.
Lately this has been taking up a good portion of my time as I try to get caught up on everything that needs to be caught up.
I am hoping to start hiking again soon, however, almost all of the parks are closed where I hike, which makes finding time to hike rather difficult.
Nonetheless, I am happy to be back. This truly is my home.
Until next time…hike on!
Bridget is a military spouse of 17 years, Mom, Professional Photographer, Writer, and Avid Hiker. You can contact Bridget at, by visiting her website or following her on twitter/facebook/instagram @nuttyhiker


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