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Joyce Friels

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When planning the placement of your pond in the landscape keep these things in mind. Select a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sun, afternoon shade and away from large trees. This will make it easier to maintain and less likely to attract algae. It is also important to keep a space of two feet all around the pond. This will al-low you to reach all areas of the pond during maintenance.

Adding water plants to your pond will bring it alive and make it feel more wel-coming. There is a wide variety of water plants to choose from. You will need some underwater plants. These filter the pond water keeping it clear. They also keep algae under control and provide oxygen. Two oxygenating plants that we used are the parrot feather and the hornwort. They do not need to be planted in dirt. Just drop them in the pond and they will do ‘their thing.’ There is also a wide selection of blooming plants for your pond. The one we used, a pink water lily, is very reliable and visible from a dis-tance. Its bright pink blooms made a statement showing off in the middle of the pond. There are  plants that spread covering the surface of the water. We used two water lil-ies in our pond along with some spreading common frogbit. Water plants can be found online or at water garden nurseries.

If you plan to add fish to your pond, goldfish or koi, the placement of the pond is vital to the health and growth of the fish. Locating it where it will receive afternoon shade will be better for the life of the fish. Too much sun can overheat the water and harm the fish and plants. It also causes algae to flourish. A water lily or a spreading water plant will help shade the surface of the water to protect the fish. The oxygenating plants are good places for fish to lay their eggs and for young fish to hide from any predators such as birds.

Installing a pond can be exciting and a relaxing place to hang out. You have so many options and plant materials available. You can make your pond a creative and special place for your family and friends.


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