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Monthly luncheon supports disabled vets

Monthly luncheon supports disabled vets

By Sara Escobar

The Disabled American Veterans association held a luncheon at their Nolanville location on Saturday, July 16. The luncheon was open to the public and members alike, with commander Erin Pryor hosting the event along with first vice commander Gregg Dunham. There is typically a luncheon held every third Saturday of the month, where donations are accepted to help fund various projects within the association that all contribute to the assistance of disabled veterans and their families. Pryor says the DAV chapter in Nolanville started in 1988, and he has been commander there since 2009.
“Our goal is to fulfill our promises to the men and women who served, because they shouldn’t have to do it alone,” he said before the luncheon took place that afternoon. Pryor has been enlisted in the army for nearly 25 years, and is still an active duty soldier. Through the DAV, he helps veterans file claims and disability while working to spread awareness for disabled veterans.
It appears that the DAV in Nolanville is beginning to pick up in the community and more people are starting to attend the events and join the cause. The luncheon on Saturday provided lots of food, live music performed by some of the members, and a raffle for those who attended. The oldest member of the DAV in Nolanville, 87-year-old Bill Baker, said a prayer with the group before the festivities began. Baker was 19-years-old when he enlisted in the military, and fought in Korea and Vietnam. For Baker, the DAV holds a special place in his heart, “It’s just a great group of people to be around,” he says, “I’d rather be here than anywhere else,”
The sense of unity and brotherhood was felt throughout all the members who attended. Another member of the DAV, Bob Killinger, actually served in Vietnam with Baker as his platoon sergeant in the late 1960s. The pair sat together as they ate, sharing stories of their time overseas. Killinger says that, even now, their bond is strong. They call each other frequently, and meet up as often as they can. All the members who attended the luncheon were honorable heroes—such as jump master Bert Moore who worked as a Special Forces medic for almost 20 years, and James Prpich who worked with multi-launch rocket systems for the 23 years he served.
To learn more about the Disabled American Veterans association in Nolanville and how to get involved, call 254 698 6990 or visit the national website at


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