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Lucy’s New Life: The Importance of Thumbs

Lucy’s New Life: The Importance of Thumbs

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by Lucy Dockery, The Sweetest Dog Ever

Mom came home from work yesterday, and I did my happy dance, just like I do every time she comes home: jumping up and down and doing a few twirls. This one is normally of the best parts of the day. Oh boy, she is going to pet me and we get to go for a walk. Oh yeah! (High five, paw to hand.)

Usually she will put her things down and scoop me up then she says ‘Oh, Lucy Loo, did you miss me? I missed you so much!’ Then she pulls me close and snuggles me.

Yesterday was not the same. She walked in and I started to dance; she barely noticed me even though she almost tripped over me. She just kept saying ‘Ice, Ice, I need to get some ice’. I thought maybe she was trying to change my name again. Like the time she continually she called me Go Potty.

She was holding her hand up in the air and walking quickly to the kitchen.  Turns out she had just closed the car door on her thumb.
I’m not sure what the big deal is with thumbs. I’ve lived my whole life without any, but it really seems to have messed her up.

She says that because it is her right hand, which she uses all the time, it has thrown her whole game off. I am trying to be patient with her; after all she is just a human, and I am still trying to get her trained.

When we go for a walk, it takes a little longer to get out the door. She is pretty slow when it comes to hooking my leash on my collar as a leftie.

One thing I can see as a benefit to her using her thumb is that when she rubs my back while I am laying next to her, she can get both sides at the same time.

Turns out that trying to open a bag of treats minus one thumb can be quite time consuming and frustrating for her, but I will wait. Isn’t that a part of what loving your human is about? Actually it is almost comical to watch her try to open the bag with fingers and the palm of her hand. I almost thought she was going to use her mouth like I do. (Now that would be some a sight!)

I am beginning to see what a difference a thumb can make. It is one of those things that make a human, a human.


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