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Lucy’s New Life: Schooling Mom

Lucy’s New Life: Schooling Mom

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by Lucy Dockery, The Sweetest Dog Ever

I was all excited because we were going to obedience training and I was going to get mom to act exactly like I want her to. She already loves me, but then I would really have her under my spell.  It did not work like I planned; actually it turned out much better.

We went to the new place in Nolanville, Kustom K9. The humans were very nice and really seemed to have a sense of what I needed. They even gave me options, and when I did what was they wanted me to do, I was rewarded. It was terrific!

Mom and I both learned so many things. She said she thinks that she learned even more than I did. And I said, “Duh! I’m just that smart!” I’m only kidding. My mom is actually super smart.

I was a little concerned that obedience training would just be my mom telling me what to do. It was not like that at all! I learned that I can trust her and let her be in control even when I’m scared. It makes me feel a lot more calm.

It even turned in to a bonding time for us. She needs that sometimes, plus we even learned that we have something in common, a short attention span.

I am hoping that next time they train her to give me more treats!


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