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Lucy’s New Life: My little world is a smelly place

Lucy’s New Life: My little world is a smelly place

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by Lucy Dockery, The Sweetest Dog Ever

Training mom to walk on a leash has taken a little time. For some reason, she thinks that I should walk on her right side, but that is not my way of doing things. I am a left-side walker. She thinks that I am also supposed to stay right by her side, and she says something about “heel.” I am not sure if she is talking to me or if her foot is hurting, so I just pretty much ignore it when she says that. Moms, go figure!

The world is a huge place out there, especially for a little ankle biter like me. In order to see much, I have to look up, but down here on my level, the way that I see best is with my nose. I feel the need to smell everything, and I mean everything. When Mom and I go for walks, I just prance my way down the street until I get a whiff of something.

Oh, it was just my friends, the two chubby Chihuahuas that come by here everyday on their early morning walk. I’ll catch up with them on our evening walk.  Then bam, I smell something different. I have to stop and put my nose to the ground. Luckily, it’s not very far down.  Huh, a large dog (smells like a Lab) was here about 20 minutes ago. They may a be big dogs, but I can cover that scent with my own. Who’s the big dog now?!

Mom said that next week we are going to visit a new place. Yay, a car ride!  She called it an obedience school. Maybe they will teach her a thing or two about how she should listen to me!


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