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Lucy’s New Life: My little world is a new place

Lucy’s New Life: My little world is a new place

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by Lucy Dockery, The Sweetest Dog Ever

We have moved. I am not quite certain yet how I feel about it. It is very different than where we were living. Mom calls it an apartment.

There is a plethora of new smells, some good and some not so good, but every time we go outside, it is a party for my nose.

As I sit in the window and watch while the other dogs in the complex walk their humans, I can see that there are so many friends to be made. Although I think a few of them could really benefit from taking their moms and dads to a place like Kustom K9. Hey canines, get those humans under control.

There is this one pooch, he is big! I don’t just mean big because I am a little nine-pound dog. He is really big, and every time he walks his mom by here, I get the feeling that he thinks he is King Dog around the complex. I would really like to be his friend but…

One thing I do like is that we have less room than we had before, so me and mom get to spend more quality time together. Since we no longer have a yard where I can go out and play, I love it when she runs back and forth through the apartment and I can chase her. I pretend that I am the big dog! This apartment thing might not be too bad.


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