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Harker Heights Evening Star

Local Tattoo Shop to Celebrate their One-Year Anniversary

Local Tattoo Shop to Celebrate their One-Year Anniversary

Sara Escobar 

Evening Star

Black Heart Tattoo Collective opened in October of last year, when three dedicated artists joined forces in order to showcase their unique styles and talents to the public.

Artists Danny Mack, Alexis Rivera, and Brandon Davenport are bringing something new to the city of Harker Heights–and they are inviting citizens in the community to come out and experience this first hand. BHTC will celebrate their one year anniversary on Sunday, October 29 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The celebration will also double as the shop’s monthly consultation day.

BHTC is an appointment-only shop. A consultation day is held at the shop on a specific day each month. Clients can come in, meet with the artists, discuss what tattoos they’re interested in and put down a deposit for a future appointment. “We build a solid relationship with our clients this way,” said Mack, “and it also gives us time to prep and plan.

After a full year of operation at BHTC, the artists are reflecting on their first year as business owners.

“I’m excited for us to hit the one year mark,” says Davenport, whom is native to Waco. “We’ve put a lot into into the studio since we’ve opened our doors.” Davenport also recalls what brought them together in the first place. “Our overall goal is to provide the best quality work we can as artists, to be in an environment that allows us the freedom to create our work without being put on the spot to feel like we have to rush a tattoo’s design or execution. This main factor along with a great client basis allows us to do what we do best.”

“The first word that comes to mind is proud,” says Rivera, who left all that was familiar to him in New Jersey to better himself as an artist here in Harker Heights. “We had some pretty big goals for ourselves, and we’re still growing. I can say we’re always working to be bigger and better at what we do.”

“I feel like our first year at Black Heart Tattoo Collective has flown by,” said Mack. “When we opened the studio we were hoping to just be able to feed our families and hoped the clientele would recognize us. With one year under our belts, we are figuring out what works and what doesn’t. The client base is growing and the reputation continues to impress the toughest of clientele.”

“Opening BHTC was a no brainer and long overdue,” said Mack’s wife, Taryn. “Danny puts his heart and soul into everything he does and as a family, we were more than confident, excited and extremely supportive in this adventure. Coming up on one year–I couldn’t be more proud. Danny, Alexis and Brandon have made BHTC a very welcoming and fun environment for all who come in, and make improvements everyday to make every experience the best.”

Bigger plans are also in the works for the future of BHTC.

“This coming year we have some changes happening in the studio.” Mack says, “We will continue to upgrade the look of the studio and add more art but also we will be adding a new artist this coming year. Shaun Flinn will be moving down from Pennsylvanian in late spring and we couldn’t be more excited. With our first year down and an ever-growing support system, Black Heart Tattoo Collective plans to keep digging these roots deeper into the heart of Texas.”

“I’m a simple artist, and I try to remain humble and focused on constant learning and progression,” says Davenport, “in the next several years to come I see the studio growing tremendously, my idea of growth isn’t a huge studio full of artists, it’s more a growth of both clientele and artistic ability.”

“We’d definitely like to grow more as a shop I feel,” said Rivera, “We’re going to continue to evolve and just be the best artists we can be.”

The shop asks for people to join them for some quality time on Sunday, where free food and giveaways will be offered all day. BHTC is also offering free tattoo time and free merchandise; those who book an appointment during the event will get an extra $50 towards their deposit. Booking an appointment will also enter guests into a drawing for additional gift certificates. The shop will be running their first line of t-shirts during the celebration as well.

For more information about Black Heart Tattoo Collective, call 254 213 3921, or visit them at 502 Indian Trail in Harker Heights.


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