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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Local shows love of community through service

Local shows love of community through service

Annie Dockery

Evening Star


The city of Harker Heights does not have to go far to find a great example of humility and care for their fellow community members. Cyd West portrays  all of this and more, not only in her work life but out in the community also.

Mike Miller of Miller & Co. Insurance said, “To me, Cyd West is one of those special people you cannot say enough good about.  She has a genuine love for the people of this area. She volunteers for tons of projects, fundraisers and activities to help in the community.  But what separates her form others is she puts forth 100% effort.  She works with everyone and never asks to be recognized.  Tons of her volunteer work is behind the scenes.”

West in known for her community involvement including  being on the Board of Directors of the Vive Les Arts Theatre, serving on the Executive Board for Communities in Schools of Central Texas.  She is currently the chairperson of the Armed Services YMCA of Killeen and is active on the Finance Committee of First United Methodist Church of Killeen.  West has also been the Treasurer of Friends of Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery better known as “Wreaths for Vets” for over 10 years.  She serves on the Killeen ISD Education Foundation’s Alumni Board and recently ended my tenure on the Metroplex Foundation Board of Trustees.

Cyd West said, “I try to select organizations that benefit a segment I truly care about and feel that my talents can contribute to the organization’s success.  I am fortunate to work for a company that believes in giving back and allows me the time needed to serve in the community.”

“I enjoy working in the community because it’s my home. An added benefit is that it allows me to build my business.  If I am willing to work hard in a volunteer role for just the satisfaction of making our world a better place, imagine what I’ll do for you if you need my professional services,” West said.

West is a Senior Vise President at First Community Mortgage in Harker Heights and has been in the local banking business for over 38 years. All of which have been in Harker Heights.

“I love mortgage lending because it involves people.  Since I’ve had the privilege to live and work in my hometown for my entire professional career I have had the honor to help several generations of local families with their home financing,” West said. “ It’s also been a wonderful experience to help young military families with their first home and then again their retirement home…while sometimes helping their children in between.  I feel like the home loan business really makes a difference in people’s lives and it’s definitely a “feel good” business.”

West has a verse that she models her life after, A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.  Proverbs 22:1. The verse is framed and on the desk of each employee at the Central Texas Expressway branch.

“Reputation is everything and it’s difficult to recover if it’s ever lost or tarnished.” West said, “There are easy ways to make money, but the only way you can be proud of is the right way.  We see our clients in the community and we want them to be happy to see us and to tell their friends about the good service they received.  While Harker Heights is not so small anymore it’s still “small town America” and I want everyone to know my name and to maintain a good reputation.”

Customer service in another thing that West’s First Community Mortgage branch  is known for.

“It is my belief that to provide excellent customer service one must have knowledge, confidence, commitment, an excellent work ethic and the backing of the chain of command.” West said. “I feel that I have all of those and it allows me and my staff to do our jobs effectively.”

First Community Mortgage is owned by First National Bank Texas.

“First National Bank Texas, a very strong local financial institution that makes it possible for us to offer some products and services that other mortgage companies that are not backed by a bank cannot offer,” said West.

West feels that her staff and herself are sometimes the first friends that newcomers make in our community.

“We unofficially help our clients get jobs, find day care, network with other parents, refer them to medical professionals, and a myriad of other helpful tasks that are not a part of the real job we are paid to do.” West said, “I strive to make the client experience in my office like a boutique, not self-serve.  My staff is trained to reach out and do as much of the leg work that goes with getting a mortgage as possible.  Anyone can be an order taker – we try to be pro-active and anticipate needs.  I want your transaction to be as seamless as possible. Because we all make this community our homes we are able to stay in contact with our clients and continue to know and serve them even after the transaction is completed.”

In her humble manor, West attributes her success to others.

“I had many great examples and mentors all along the way.  I stand on the shoulders of many who came before me and gave me a lesson, a second chance, advice, or a hand up when I needed it.” She said, “I hope that I am able to mentor, encourage and positively influence others and I challenge your readers to do the same.  I’m an optimist and I think the best is yet to come.”

“People like Cyd are 1 in a million.  – great person, great friend, great worker, great citizen and great American.  She is special and every city needs a Cyd West,” Miller said.

For more information about Cyd West or First Community Mortgage call 254-690.3765 of visit valoans4u.com.


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