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Local farm trying to set World Record


Cove Leader-Press

On Saturday morning, the Nigerian dwarf goats will take center stage at Alliance Exotic Ranch as ranch owner Stacy Simins hopes to have a world record-setting goat yoga class.

Simins, who along with husband, Sean, own the ranch, has been holding Goat Yoga classes since October, taught by yoga instructor Erin McGurl.

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Participants held their poses during the goat yoga class held at Alliance Exotic Ranch, located near Copperas Cove on C.R. 4884, off F.M. 2657.

Simins is pleased with the reception of goat yoga locally and hopes to take things to the next level.

“We actually have been offering goat yoga at our ranch for several months now. I was curious on what world records have been broken,” Simins said. “Yoga is a passion of mine, and I searched for yoga records, and no one has attempted the goat yoga world record. So, we decided we would try to attempt it at our ranch.”

Saturday’s class starts at 11 a.m. and is free to the public. In fact, the more at the class, the merrier and Simins said there’s been a lot of interest in the class.

“Once we get all of our evidence, we have to submit to the Guinness World Records, and then it takes them several months to get back to us.”

Simins said they have their eyes on the weather forecast. Temperatures are forecast for highs in the 50s on Saturday. Cool weather isn’t a factor for the classes, with Simins saying once you get moving, you warm up. She did say they are working on an alternative in case of rain.

On the couple’s 30 acres, emu, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Texas white-tailed deer, sheep, Blackbuck antelope and Axis deer, have free rein of the ranch.

Alliance Exotic Ranch is located on C.R. 4884, just off F.M. 2657. The ranch is the only location that offers goat yoga in the Killeen metroplex area but other cities, like Austin, also offer the activity.

The “yoga with goats” class trend first made the news in August 2016 on Lainey Morse’s farm Albany, Oregon, according to an article by The Oregonian. Since then, the trend has spread nationwide.

For more information, call 512-965-6619. spot, visit their Facebook Page, AE Ranch.


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