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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Letter to the Editor: Sidewalk Plea

My name is Clark Jagodzinski, I am an 11th grade student attending Harker Heights High School and a former student of Union Grove Middle School in Harker Heights, Texas. I wanted to bring something important to your attention in hopes that you could help.
Have you ever had to walk through mud to get somewhere important?
The Killeen Independent School District needs to convince the Harker Heights City Council to have a sidewalk installed along Mountain Lion Road between Crowfoot Drive and Great Plains Trail. On rainy days, students must walk through mud to and from school. The other option, to avoid the mud, forces students to cross a busy street twice. This path is used daily by students and others in the community.
There is a sidewalk all along Mountain Lion Road except between Crowfoot Drive and Great Plains Trail. Whenever it rains, this dirt becomes mud and students walk through the mud, tracking it through Union Grove’s hallways. Some kids bring two pair of shoes to school and they waste time between periods changing. The kids that don’t bring two pairs of shoes have mud on them for the rest of the day This is why my mom always says, “Stay out of the mud.” Yet, to keep from crossing the busy roads, most students choose to walk through mud.
If you don’t want to walk through the mud, you may endanger your life.
Kids who live south of Mountain Lion Road must cross this busy road twice to avoid the mud. Currently there are no crosswalks south of Great Plains Trail. It would be cheaper to paint another crosswalk, but it would be safer to install a sidewalk.
Mountain Lion Road is a high traffic walking route in the community. Over one hundred students use this route daily during the school week. Middle schoolers attending Union Grove and high schoolers attending Harker Heights use this route, as well as many other community members.
A sidewalk would benefit the entire community.
Harker Heights needs to finish the sidewalk along Mountain Lion Road between Crowfoot Drive and Great Plains tail. Finishing the sidewalk would keep the schools and kid’s shoes cleaner. Completing the sidewalk along Mountain Lion Road provides an easy and safe route. Even more people would use this new sidewalk. The sidewalk in this area would keep the schools cleaner, prevent potential injuries, and benefit the local community.
I am calling for the Harker Heights City Council to make an exception to the vacant lot ordinance in order to make our community a better and safer place.
Sincerely yours,
Clark Jagodzinski


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