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Lemon Smiles

Lemon Smiles

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Harker Heights Evening Star

Early Saturday morning at the Celebrate Killeen Festival, children were up and at ‘em, and ten little lemonade stands dotted the parking lot of the Killeen Community Center. Each “business owner” was there in hopes to win the “Best Tasting Lemonade Contest” and to get a trophy and gift card prize. Judges for the contest included local mayors, city councilmen and Fort Hood dignitaries, as they went from stand to stand, tasting lemonade and listening to the young entrepreneurs presentations.

Lemonade Day is a free, fun experiential program that teaches children how to start, own, and operate their own business using the model of a lemonade stand. Lemonade Day is an opportunity for families, businesses, community organizations, and schools to unite for a common purpose – to train the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“The skill set these kids have. As, for presentation, they got it down, they are going to be entrepreneurs. Some were shy, but some really had it down,” said Joyce Hudson, Lemonade Day Committee, member.

Though lemonade is simply, water, lemons and sugar, every lemonade stand had it’s own idea of what the perfect recipe was. From, classic style to strawberry infused and even cranberry juice ice cubes, every child had put creativity in hopes of winning the contest.
“I enjoy watching the little kids learn how to run their own business,” said Markeiah Rolla, CTC Enactus.

“This is a great event for young people to learn how start their own business and for creativity. I think it is a great event for the KIlleen, Fort Hood area,” said Karea Carrington, judge, sponsor.

Harker Heights mayor, Rob Robinson was one of the judges out trying lemonade on Saturday, in the quest to find which child had the best tasting lemonade in the contest.

“It is so neat that Killeen does this,” said Robinson. “And, it is great to see so many entire families out doing this, not just the kids.”
Lemonade Day occurs every year on the first Sunday in May, this year it will be held on May 3rd, 2015. So, go out find a lemonade stand near you and for small purchase, you will be making a big impact on a kid.

Annalisa Cantu said. “I am going to set my stand up at Walgreen’s in Harker Heights. Besides lemonade we are also going to have cupcakes.”
The winner of the “Most Unique Lemonade” was Lane Sopko, age 8 of Killeen, who had made homemade lemon candies that adorned his cups of all natural lemonade.

“Come visit my stand in Purser Park, I will be set up by the dog park. I will be donating fifty percent of my money to the new homeless shelter being built in Killeen,” said Sopko.

The winner of “Best Tasting Lemonade” was Madison Adams, of Fort Hood.

“We are really excited to be here. We will be doing this as a project next weekend,” said Lynn Adams, mother of Madison. “She is raising money for Operation Phantom Support. I am an entrepreneur and to be able to teach her the skills has been a lot of fun.”

Lemonade Day, city director, Amanda Stephens said. “A beautiful day, we get to see kids come out preparing their lemonade for the judges. We get to see all different kinds of stands and flavors of lemonade. We love it! It gives kids the chance to engage with adults and to see their leaders come out and support them.”


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