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Labour Day

Labour Day

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by Ryan Kiblinger, Foundation UMC

Labour Day. For many this holiday can mean many things. Many think back on the role of those who have gone before us to help make working conditions better for us today. Many of us see it a last hooray before fall. Others see it as the last major holiday until Thanksgiving. Most perhaps just enjoy a day off. None of these are wrong. In fact, they are all right. I do however want to talk about one other aspect to remember.
Work and labour is a good thing. We find in Genesis that in God creating He was working. And in the midst of His work He created. God created beautiful things. Sunsets. Forests. Waves of the ocean. Creatures. Mountains. Deserts. And finally humanity. All of these were declared to be ‘good’ by God, indeed the total of this creation to be ‘very good.’ And then on the seventh day God rested. God created Sabbath on that day by doing what He did. Rest. But let us look at the pattern of those six days. God worked. God laboured.
We too are called to work. Work is not a four letter word as some might term it (yes, I realise it has four letters). But work is a blessing. God has given us a pattern of making beautiful and good things. There is a reason why most of the best artwork and architecture in the world is created from deeply religious people. As people made in the image of God, we are called to create and work. There is a reasons why we enjoy doing. We were made for it.
This Labour Day, I hope that you enjoyed some time off. I hope that it was a day of rest and a day of reflection in some ways. I also hope that as you work you give God thanks for the way in which He has made us to work. The way that God has given us gifts and tools to create beautiful things.


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