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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Killeen restaurant announces closure

Sara Escobar

Evening Star

Carolina Ale House recently announced over Facebook that they will be closing their Killeen location. The eatery opened three years ago at 3124 E Central Texas Expressway and offered bar-classic cuisine such as burgers, wings and sandwiches along with nearly a dozen beers on tap. The Facebook post thanked consumers for their business, as well as a message to its employees: “We take our responsibility to provide employment very seriously. All employees in good standing will have the opportunity to fill positions in other locations.” According to an inside source, the only official word they received from management was through an email, with no other face-to-face contact to break the news. The email included the following line, “If you happen to be relocating to the South Carolina or Georgia markets, please feel free to apply for open positions in those locations.”

“I loved working for Carolina Ale House, but the way they let us know seemed very unprofessional.” Said Lacie Galloway, who worked at the restaurant since December of last year. “It was always a wonderful environment, great food, exceptional management…but I can’t just relocate to another state in order for them to compensate me for losing my job. They just made a post on Facebook and sent out the emails and that was really it.” Galloway went on to say she can’t speak on the exact reason for the restaurant closing its doors, though she thinks it may have something to do with the eatery not making enough money.

Some patrons who dined at the Ale House are surprised at their closure. “I had my rehearsal dinner there for my wedding,” said Killeen resident Jeffrey Seeley. “The food was really good and the service wasn’t bad either. The place was busy, and we were a big group of about 20 people—we still didn’t wait too long for the food though.”

“I ate there a couple of times and I always thought the food was really good.” Said Harker Heights resident Brandon Denesha.

Other citizens in the area are not so surprised, however. “I saw the closure coming from a mile away,” said Julia Gordon, “I went there a few times and it was just flat out dissatisfying. The food was nothing special and the service was less than mediocre. It couldn’t compete with Pluckers and Buffalo Wild Wings being right next door.”

“It was a nice place, but it still felt like a franchise restaurant and bar in a town where there are already too many of those.” Said Josh Rivera, “Killeen is oversaturated with restaurants, and even unique places like the Red Onion Bistro or Kettle have disappeared this year. I imagine it must be a difficult time to stay in the restaurant business.”


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