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Joy In the Journey-Live in the moment

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Jonathan Oliver

      Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver

“Live in the moment” is not a new saying, but a good one. Another good one is “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” One of the many blessings of being a stay at home dad is that Journey forces me to stop and live in the moment.
Some of my positive qualities are that I am a planner, I like and create structure, I am very goal oriented, and I like to keep a schedule. I work better in an environment that is organized. For example I enjoy vacations more when I have some kind of itinerary. I don’t need to follow it to a “T”, but I like to know there is some kind of a plan or framework. Then I can relax. Before the firstweek of 2017 was through, I had already typed up goals for the year and shared them with my bride and a few men I hold myself accountable to. When this is done in a healthy way, as odd as it may seem, it gives me the ability to become flexible. More importantly, I have chosen not to go through life passively, but instead to lean into life and be proactive. However in my little “controlled comfort box” I make it a point to leave room for God to show up and show out in my life.
Journey has several different schedules. She has a weekly schedule: Monday is open, Tuesday is gymnastics, Wednesday she’s with her nanny, Thursday we go out to lunch with our friend Jim, and Friday is dancing with Beethoven. She has a sleep schedule, a nap schedule, a meal schedule, a play schedule, and a do nothing schedule. Some of my negative qualities show up when I slip into becoming consumed with looking for the next item on my list. I begin to stress and worry, sometimes to the point of not sleeping well or having anxiety. John Lennon once said “life is what happens while you are busy making others plans.” Journey is exactly that…she is life. She is what is constantly happening all the time. Sometimes she blows the plans completely up by taking a huge poop, taking an extra long nap, or battling me over getting in her carseat.
Last Friday, in dance class, Journey interrupted my life of plans with one of those moments that takes your breath away. While I was sitting on the floor with the other parents, the toddlers began to run and dance around the room. While I was asking one of the parents where the nearest Target was, I looked in Journey’s direction. She stopped dancing and without any prompting she ran over, leaned in, and gave me the sweetest little kiss on my cheek. I melted. I turn back and looked at the dance instructor and she placed her hand over her heart. Before I could look back Journey was running in my direction once again to give me one more kiss on the cheek as if to say dad relax and live in the moment.
Jonathan Oliver is an experienced motivational speaker, life coach, and author. He is the CEO of his company Higher Enlightenment which strives to create a world of truth, love, and faith. He was born and raised in Texas and now lives with his wife and their first child Journey in Owasso, OK. He is a first time stay at home dad. His contact information is onwww.higherenlightenment.comand follow him on facebook


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