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Joy in the Journey: Is that my daughter?

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Jonathan Oliver

I can imagine that over the course of any parents life they will step back and ask themselves the question “Is that my child?” Usually this question comes up when the child has done something great or something ridiculously weird. It can be interpreted as a sense of pride or embarrassment. The question may be followed by a gesture of come and give me a hug or a downward head shake expressing your disbelief at what they’ve done.
After a long and much-needed week vacation in Jamaica relaxing, reconnecting, rekindling, and rejuvenation with my bride, we returned home. My mother-in-law, without any persuasion, wanted to relish the time with her granddaughter so she was gracious enough to take care of Journey while we were on vacation. As I walked into our home, I tossed my keys on the counter and ran towards my sweet little daughter. I fell on the carpet and began to open my arms anticipating her crawling towards me. As she began to approach me I quickly noticed how much she had changed in just a week. I thought to myself, “Is this my daughter?” She looked taller and her face looked fuller. She had this new motion that she would do with her mouth as if she was attempting to stick out her tongue but instead she would just push the tip of her tongue past her lips. I know what you’re thinking, how could you notice all that in that brief moment. The truth is I don’t know how I did, I just did.
I began to beam with a love that only a father can have for their child. Journey stopped halfway during her crawling as if to inspect and make sure I was the person she thought I was. I already knew from a previous trip that she wasn’t going to immediately melt like butter in my arms. With her mom and grandmother being there she sometimes pauses to scan the room and collect the other faces. So I met her halfway and wrapped her up in my arms and it felt so great to smell her and feel her soft skin. In just a week she had grown and developed in such an extraordinary and beautiful way. To think that this happens before my very eyes on a daily basis and I can sometime miss it is crazy.
Despite all the love and joy it brought me to hold Journey once again, I know that there will be times when I will be disappointed in Journey maybe because of her actions, behaviors, or attitudes. Nevertheless I pray that God fills my heart with the same amount of grace that He has shown me as His own child when I have caused Him to question if I was His child. I get so excited when I see the changes taking place in Journey’s life, because it’s like a gift that keeps on giving. It keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering and curious to what is going to happen next.
Jonathan Oliver is an experienced motivational speaker, life coach, and author. He is the CEO of his company Higher Enlightenment which strives to create a world of truth, love, and faith. He was born and raised in Texas and now lives with his wife and their first child Journey in Owasso, OK. He is a first time stay at home dad. His contact information is on and on


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