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Joy In The Journey – Are you a stay at home dad?

Joy In The Journey – Are you a stay at home dad?

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by: Jonathan Oliver

I’ve heard the song 1 is the loneliest number ever seen. It sounds like a pretty cool song but to experience it is quite a different story. There have literally been times when I have been leaving the grocery store and have seen another man pushing a basket with the baby inside, and with my daughter and groceries still in the basket I have run across three parking lanes to run down that guy and ask him if he’s a stay at home dad. After the initial shock of where did you come from expression on their face I am usually given the response of “No” with a scoff and the added “I’m just off from work today, but I wish I was”. This is when I disappointingly respond that I’m just looking for some friends for my daughter and I. Slowly I turn around and push our basket full of groceries to the truck.

I would be happy with just one stay at home dad friend. Most days if the weather permits Journey and I go for a nice stroll in the park, sometimes up to 4 miles. It’s not unusual for us to cross paths with a half a dozen moms pushing their kids in strollers. Most of them seem to always have at least one other person with them enjoying a delightful conversation. As the weather is becoming nicer and spring is here, I once saw a group of mothers with their young infants and toddlers enjoying an afternoon picnic. If we are lucky, Journey and I will be graced with a smile or a wave but that’s about it.

When I do any type of research to learn more about the development of my daughter, I have not seen any information being shared that would indicate that there may actually be a stay-at-home dad nurturing the child and not just sitting on the sidelines holding down the bench. There have been those highlighted moments when an elderly woman in the grocery store, my doctor during my annual check up, the cashier at sprouts, or a flight attendant says “I think it’s amazing that you are a stay at home dad. You will never know the impact that you will have in your daughters life by being there.”  I know that they are right. My bride, mom, mother-in-law, brothers, and family friends have all said that they think I am doing an awesome job, and I am grateful to know that they notice. However I would love to hang around with a group of stay at home dads and share stories that are unique to our experiences. Trust me when I say I can tell you what’s going on in Journey’s life better than what is happening in my life most of the time. I’m not saying this in an arrogant or cocky way. It’s just natural given the amount of time we spend together and how I study her. And for this I am truly grateful. I understand that this is the greatest opportunity, blessing, responsibility, duty, job, career, and honor to be a father to my daughter Journey. It all starts with me being a loving husband to her mother and my bride first. Are you a stay at home dad?

Jonathan Oliver is an experienced motivational speaker, life coach, and author.  He is the CEO of his company Higher Enlightenment which strives to create a world of truth, love, and faith.  He was born and raised in Texas and now lives with his wife and their first child Journey in Owasso, OK. He is a first time stay at home dad. His contact information is on www.higherenlightenment.com and follow him on facebook at www.facebook.com/joyofjojo.


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