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Darren Blair

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One of the odd quirks of being actively involved in any one thing is that past a certain point, that thing will actually enter your dreams. No joke. It’s person-by-person and even dream-by-dream as to whether or not that’s a good thing or bad thing, but it does indeed happen.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of several properties and franchises, and so a fair bit of my dreams come to reflect this in some fashion.

In some cases, the dream is that I’m in the middle of an actual creative work. For example, before “Transformers 4” hit theaters, I had a dream in which I was part of the cast of “Transformers 5”. I was one of the leads, but given that I’m not exactly much to look at in person (a few months back someone essentially told me I had the face for radio), some random male model was cast to create a “Laurel & Hardy” effect. Said model, however, was rather useless as a person. This led to an incident in which shooting ground to a halt one morning because he wasn’t on-set like he was supposed to be. A number of us were scrambled to go find him, and I eventually tracked him down to his hotel room; he’d spent the night partying, and so had decided to take the day off as a consequence. It was right then that my cat, Bit, woke me up because it was time for breakfast, so sadly I can’t say how the dream would have ended otherwise.

Other dreams represent the occasional “treasure trove” score, in which I find a quantity of product, some of which a part of my brain recognizes as not actually existing in real life. It was, in fact, one such dream I had earlier in the week that inspired this column: I was going through an assortment of odd bits from the late 1980s and discovered several smaller Micro Machines playsets in various states of completion and repair, including sets that didn’t actually exist. But even though one part of my brain said “Yeah, this is a dream”, another part catalogued them anyway and “remembered” what they were supposed to be like when complete.

I’ve spoken with other people who are fans of various things, and it turns out that I’m not alone. Other people also have similar dreams with similar levels of vividness. Some people find themselves inside an installment of their favorite creative work. Some people find their own “treasure trove”, which can include items that don’t exist in real life or actual real-life items that had some sentimental value. I’m sure someone who is into dream analysis would have a field day… if they didn’t freak out first.

So where does that leave everyone?

Well, what sorts of things do you all dream about? Success at work? Success in a hobby or interest of your own? A starring role all to yourselves? That’s the thing about dreams: just about anything can happen. Think about some of the last dreams you’ve had. Maybe they might actually mean something, even if only as wish fulfillment.

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FYI – As I’m typing this, I’m slowly starting to see collection bins appear at various retailers. The bins are present as part of an effort to collect school supplies for children whose families are having financial issues. If you can spare a dollar or two, you can help someone succeed in school this year. Please keep an eye out for them.


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