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Hook Up: Now is the time

Hook Up: Now is the time

by Jasper Johnson

Welcome back to Hook up!

Ok readers, NOW is the time!!!

If you want to catch the bass of a lifetime, NOW is the time to get out there and go for it!! With the warming trend that we have had over the past few days the water temperature is starting to warm up, causes the Bass to begin to think about that necessary function of sustaining the species called the SPAWN.

It’s a known fact that the largest Bass move to the beds first. But before they move to the beds they have to get over the winter dull drums and prepare for the arduous task of the Spawn. That takes a lot of energy! Which means they must take on a lot of food to prepare for the task. So those HOGs will be moving up, out of the depths, and feeding as fast as they can to bulk up for the task of Spawning. They also have to locate that special spot that suits them for the Spawn.

What I want us to explore, this time, is what to look for and what to do to try to help YOU catch that monster.

During the winter the largest bass move to a depth that provides them the temperature that helps them stay the warmest. See my previous article about winter fishing and the thermocline and that will help you understand what I mean. They generally suspend at that depth and move only in short burst to catch the bait fish required for sustenance. However, when the water starts to warm, like it is NOW, that line also changes and the bigger fish move with it. So to be successful YOU have to adapt with that changing line. It could be between 5 feet or 10 feet difference in their movement, but that is significant to their metabolism and sparks that springtime urge to prepare for the Spawn.

Look for them in the 10-20 foot depth along points that lead to spawning flats. However, the key is, where are the bait fish? You find the bait fish and YOU will find the Biguns that are moving up to feed in preparation for the Spawn. This is when you have to know your boats electronics and how to use it.

Likewise it’s also time to explore those flats and look for the typical terrain that Bass like to spawn in. Gravel and sand bottoms are key. Those Big Mamma’s like that type bottom, but also like some form of protection for their eggs like big boulders or submerged fallen timber or stump beds. Again this is where you can efficiently use your electronics to define what’s down there. Down imaging sonar provides you with a clearer picture of exactly what the bottom looks like and what locations provide the best protection and bottom structure for the bass. Slow down and look closely at the area. Idle speed, or trolling motor speed is the key!!

If you do not have a down imaging sonar on your boat then use the old fashion method of “Looking” at the bottom in these Texas clear lakes. If the water is clear enough for you to see the bottom, at 10 feet or more, you can visibly identify if the right things are there for the bass to spawn. It’s easy to identify old beds by looking closely. These are generally round or oval indentions in the bottom that are clear of debris and appear smooth inside the oval or round bottom. Generally if there are old beds in an area there will be new ones come spring.

Anyway, to catch that Bigun Now, you must replicate what they are foraging on in preparation for the Spawn. So break out those baits that look closely like the bait fish the bass are going for. Also, remember the water temp is still cold, so take your time and slow down on that retrieve. Give the Bigun a chance to catch the bait. Here a tip, Pause the bait for just a second or so, then begin cranking again. Do that several times in your retrieve. Can’t tell you how many fish I’ve caught that bit on the pause, but you have to keep in touch with your bait, through the line, so keep the line taught during the pause. I use a count of three to start with for the pause. Adjust the count as needed till you have the right amount of pause to entice the bites. Once you have the right amount you will know it, because the fish will be hitting on that same count every time.

Well I hope this helps you to set your new personal record for early spring bass. So get out there and get ready for the Spawn by spending quality research time on the water!!

Please remember to send me your e-mails and photos of the Bigun’s to Hook_up66@yahoo.com. Have a great day on the water! By the way I have had some problems with Yahoo not getting your e-mails to me so don’t get frustrated, I’m working with Yahoo to get it fixed. Until then you may also use jasperjohnson66@yahoo.com. Thanks and have a great day on the water!

Catch a Bigun!!


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