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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

HHES hosts 22-district VASE competition

HHES hosts 22-district VASE competition

Harker Heights High School hosted the Region 12 Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) competition on Saturday. Contestants could be seen carrying art and blankets as they disembarked their busses early that morning.  

More than 1,100 students spent the day checking in art, getting judged and fingers crossed to make it to state. This day long event that had been previously hosted in Goldthwaite was moved to Harker Heights this year.

“There are four divisions, one division for every year they have entered,” said Donna Gibson, VASE Volunteer. “There are 22 school districts here today to including KISD, Waco, Temple and Gatesville.”

Students were given seven minutes in a judging panel as themselves and the art were judged. Points were accrued for a total of 80 with 20 points for the interview and 60 points for the art piece.

“The object of VASE is to encourage art. A positive two glows attitude to improve art and stay with the elements and principles of art,” commented Karen Bayer, Art Teacher, Gatesville ISD.

Students could have up to two pieces of art submitted in the contest. Any art medium could be used including mixed media, as long it it was visual art. Two-dimensional art was the most popular entry with mediums to include ink, paint and photography. Sculptures, Papier-mâché and metal work were also submitted as three-dimensional art entries. One contestant had metal work art that was constructed from recycled materials.

While they were waiting to be judged there were plenty of activities to keep the contestants busy. Students had the chance to compete against each other in a mascot drawing contest. Still life was on display for students to compete in a contest for the best drawing. A fun activity was a “complete the drawing” contest gave students the chance to be creative and escape into their daydreams.

“Very interesting work, they put a lot of time into their art,” commented Taelyn Shanklin, Contestant, Student, Ellison High School. “I think I did good.”

After the art was judged is was put out on display in both of the school’s gymnasiums. Friends, family and the community were invited to see the art display on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

“This is our first year here at Harker HEights and we are just working out the kinks. There is a lot of awesome art work. Some of the kids really amaze me, the colors and styles blow me away,” said Savier Barraza, Division Four Art Student, VASE Volunteer.

Harker Heights High School Senior, Jeremy Diamond entered a piece that was mixed media. Diamond’s piece was both paint and fiber art that made a portrait.

“What inspired me for this piece was, American beauty standards that tend to exclude people with wider noses, darker skin and textured hair. I wanted to portray how people with those traits can be both beautiful and powerful,” said Diamond.


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