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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Heights police officers honored for service

Heights police officers honored for service

By Shannon Myers

The seats were filled at the Harker Heights City Council Meeting on Tuesday. Law enforcement personnel of the Harker Heights Police Department were in attendance to receive a mayoral proclamation and presentation.
Mayor Roy Robinson and the City Council made a proclamation for the Harker Heights Police Department, honoring and acknowledging the hard work and the dangerous nature of defending the lives of others and serving the citizens of Harker Heights.
“…the City Council of the City of Harker Heights… lifts up the services of the fallen as a remembrance of the great hazards our officers face daily and further encourages all citizens to join the Council in expressing appreciation for the Harker Heights Police Department,” said Mayor Robinson.
The proclamation also honored fallen Harker Heights Officers Carl Levin and Andrew J. Rameas.
Harker Heights Police Chief Michael “Mike” Gentry said it is an honor to serve the City of Harker Heights and is thankful for the support they receive from the city.
“It was a random act of kindness, of support and appreciation. It was a nice thing for the council to do for them,” said Chief Gentry.
After the reading of the proclamation, all members of the city council personally thanked and shook hands with all officers and personnel in attendance.
The public hearings conducted by the council were to discuss the fiscal year of the 2016-2017 budget and the ad valorem tax rate.
There was one minor change to the budget regarding transportation in the General Fund. HOP, public transit system, requested a change in their funding. The request increased the proposed amount of $32,600 to $36,900 for operation and maintenance costs.
The final public hearing was held to discuss and consider Harker Heights’ tax rate. The proposed rate is to maintain the same tax rate of $0.6770 per $100.00 as last year.
“I think overall, the city does a very good job at being conservative and being very frugal…Overall, we are going to maintain the same amount of services that we currently offer with no increases in rates,” said Financial Director, Alberta Barrett.
Tuesday was the first public hearing on the financial budget and tax rate. The next public hearing will be held September 6th and adoption of the budget and tax rate on September 13th.
There was one presentation by citizens. Harker Heights resident, Marie Caller expressed concern over the faded lines and divider signifying two lanes to merge into one lane where Indian Trail meets Knights Way. Mayor Robinson directed her to the Public Works Director, Mark Hyde who was present at the meeting.
In new business, there was a discussion between council members over to approve or disapprove a waiver for nuisance abatement liens against a property in Shoshoni Trail.
Council member, Steve Carpenter and Jody Nicholas motioned to approve the waiver, but the motion failed by three opposed votes.


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