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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Harker Heights City Manager’s updates from September

Sara Escobar

Evening Star

City Manager David Mitchell offered some words of encouragement and wisdom in his most recent update for the month of September. His message comes just two days before the tragic massacre that took place in Las Vegas—where at least 59 people have been killed and over 500 people are wounded. Although his message could not foretell the devastating events that were to take place in the span of a few short days, it’s a heartwarming and necessary reminder during this time of despair.

“How do we impact this world for the good? That question has rattled around my head this week as we watch yet another divisive issue ripple through our Country. I certainly don’t have all the answers. What I do know is I control myself and perhaps that’s where it must all start.  Am I finding time to recharge, applying myself fully, seeking learning opportunities, keeping a positive attitude, loving people and serving them?  I’m not sure we can impact this world for the better before we start with ourselves.  Not that we will ever be perfect, but in the striving, we will have our greatest impact on the world in which we live. You and I have a real advantage. We are public servants. We have the opportunity every day to serve others. Let’s make sure we prepare ourselves so that we can provide service that is second to none.  In doing so, I am convinced, we begin to have the impact on this world that yelling from a soapbox can never achieve.” His message came in the form of a press release, along with other news and various accomplishments throughout the city.

Such news includes the retirement of Judge Tony Kosta after 20 years of service as the Municipal Court Judge for Harker Heights. Prior to his time as Judge, he served six years as a council member for Harker Heights. The city now welcomes in Judge Billy Ray Hall and Alternate Judge Garvin Potvin to the Harker Heights municipal court.

Building Inspector, Mike Beard, attended a disaster relief fundraiser in Spring, Texas, for the Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT), where Beard was recently elected Director of the Board. The purpose of the fundraiser was to outfit a disaster relief trailer for a team of building officials, who can respond to disaster areas and assist in getting those citizens up and running safely. Beard is proud to announce they have raised over $10,000 and received an enclosed trailer for transporting equipment.  The group is currently working within areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. One of the past evacuees from Hurricane Harvey that the city housed called to let us know how he and his wife are doing. They have a home now and a vehicle to get around.  He wanted to thank the city staff that helped take care of them while they were sheltered here.  He stated they were “blessed by the generous help.”

The city’s annual coat drive will be held October 1 to October 31. Donate new and gently used coats that will benefit the KISD Homeless Awareness Response Program. Drop locations will be at City Hall, Recreation Center and the Activities Center.

Dr. John Craft, Superintendent of Schools for KISD, wrote the city to show his appreciation for members of the Harker Heights Fire Department who were involved in the 12th Annual Freedom Walk. Dr. Craft stated that the Fire Department “was instrumental in making this year’s event memorable. Thanks and appreciation was extended to the following emergency services personnel who contributed to this year’s remembrance: Driver/Operator Walter Elvidge; Fire Fighter/Paramedic Kevin Rochford.

The City Manager also wished to remind citizens to not forget about the Harker Heights Farmer’s Market, which meets each Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of Seton Medical Center Harker Heights. The market will continue through October 28.


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