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Group sweats for hurricane awareness, charity

Group sweats for hurricane awareness, charity

By Shannon Myers

Saturday morning, members of the community gathered for Training For Warriors’ (TFW) Charity Hurricane, a free group workout at Heritage Park (HP) Fitness in Harker Heights. People came not just to sweat and workout, but to come together to motivate and push each other while raising awareness and donations for the recent flooding in Louisiana.
“It feels good to give back and to be a part of something where giving is one of the main priorities. And just to see people sweating and smiling, that they’re having fun during the workout and cheering people on,” said Jessie Davis, Training For Warriors coach.
Training For Warriors is a fitness system designed to help clients at any fitness level to achieve their goals. TFW has over 250 affiliates located in 30 countries.
At least 10 TFW affiliates participated in the Charity Hurricane workout. Funds went directly to the American Red Cross. Anyone who participated in the workout or donated from HP Fitness received a free week of TFW classes.
“Number one to raise money. We all have been there or know of someone who has been in a situation that needs help, but also to raise some more awareness. We are all in this together, we might as well help each other out,” said Davis.
Community charity workouts are one of the ways TFW and HP Fitness stays involved in the community and to fulfill one of their purposes, to save lives.
TFW and HP Fitness have hosted several community workouts for various local organizations such as Families in Crisis Inc. and Happy Kids Autism Intervention Services.
“It’s good community outreach. It’s bringing the community together which I don’t really see very often anymore,” said workout participant, Brittany Mountain. “I feel like Heritage Park is doing things to try and bring people together and this is a great way to do it too… you get to meet people you would have never met otherwise.”
For the TFW Charity Hurricane workout, the high temperature and humidity did not deter the 15 workout participants and coaches from having a good time. The workout enthusiasts partnered up to do three sets of sprints, core, and body movements repeating each set three times.
“I have been going to this gym for a year-and-a-half and have never tried TFW, so I figured, why not try it and it’s for a good cause. Definitely happy that I tried it today because it challenged me. It was great,” said Mountain.
Married couple, Denell and Natasha Simmons not only felt it was a good fitness challenge, but knowing that they were helping others was a good motivator and a worthy workout reward.
“I decided to participate so that we can help out others and I know TFW is a family community. So, it’s something that I wanted to take part in because I knew they were doing this for a good cause,” said Natasha Simmons.
The American Red Cross estimates the relief operation to cost over $30 million and will likely continue to increase for Louisiana.
“Sometimes you feel like I can’t make a difference. My 10 dollar donation is not going to make a difference to somebody who lost everything in a flood,” said Davis before the start of the workout. “…There are affiliates all around the country, doing Charity Hurricanes today. So, your little, plus their little, plus someone else’s little is gonna make a lot, so you can make a difference to somebody.”
Several HP Fitness members have donated directly to the American Red Cross. Members who donated to HP have raised $500.00.
To directly donate to the Red Cross, text: LAFLOODS to 90999 for a $10 donation or visit


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